Computer Help Vol. My password doesnt work

Joined May 7, 2005
Well i got some type of virus and i cant log into my computer it says my password is wrong. Anyone know what i can do in safe mode?? any help.
Joined Feb 18, 2008
You can always attempt to make one of those boot discs or do some searching and find a p/w changing software online.
Joined Jan 8, 2005
Searching for that thang on google huh?

J/K but your best bet is probably to wipe the whole thing clean before it destroy your hard drive.
Joined Aug 24, 2006
Back up what ever you can in "SAFEMODE"
then do a clean swipe of the HD and reinstall windows.

It sucks if you're a windows7 user because if you enter SafeMode you still have to input a password.
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