Computer savvy NT'ers I need help with something simple. Vol. help the computer unsavvy.

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

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Alright guys, for the longest i've been using the computer located in the living room of my house which has roadrunner.  My computer in my room is pretty old, from 2001 I  would say but it gets the basic jobs done.  What I want to do now is get the internet on my room's computer and I know in order for me to do this I need to buy a router and a usb wireless adapter (I think), my question to those of you who have done this or know how to do this are:

- How does this process I just get the router and plug it into the comp then plug in the usb adapter into the usb port?
- Do I even need a usb adapter for my comp?  The dude at bestbuy told me I would need one since my comp is so old...I know my comp has ethernet but idk %@@ that is...
- Can anyone recommend me some brands to look for because when I was at best buy the dude was showing me a router from NetGear for $80 and the usb adapter for $ is that a good price?

As always all help is appreciated.
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How is your computer you are using now connected? Is it just plugged directly into a port in the wall?
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1. i like your old avy's better...much better.

2. do you have a wireless internet setup or what?
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Try getting something from Belkin or Linksys. The router should come with a CD to tell you how to setup your network or you could read here
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Screw a Best Buy - this is pretty much all you need, all from Newegg.

Router - $45 free shipping (
USB Adapter - $23 including shipping (

After installing drivers for the router and adapter, run an ethernet cable from your modem to your router, and then a cable from your router to the desktop (the one in the living room).

Setup your network through the router (name of the network, password, etc.) and then the USB adapter should be basically plug and play.

About 99% of the time a wired connection is faster than wireless, so if speed is your primary concern and you don't mind the cables, run another ethernet cable from your router all the way to your computer. But if you want to sacrifice a little internet speed and not have wires running throughout the house, then the USB adapter will work just fine.

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

formerly grimlock
Joined Sep 28, 2008
Datznasty my comp in my room has 56k...yea I know laugh all you want

rsd I like my old avy's as well but I like to switch it up from danpat to those spanish twin girls to anime to MMA. My comp that i'm on now has roadrunner, I really don't know if my room's comp has a wireless setup installed in it but I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

Airforce...the one the guy was pushing on me at Bestbuy was right across from the linksys which he also said was good so i'll have to look into that

JC and Jose thanks for those responses...and I think compusa closed down?
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