Concert venues in Charlotte?

Dec 16, 2003
Can someone give me a rundown of the places to see concerts in Charlotte? I'm talking biggest to smallest -- because I go and see a little bit of everything. Can't wait to make the move in early July.
YO! IM... my man.

But there's Verizon Amphitheatre for the big events. Of course, Bobcats Arena. There'a Amos' Southend for smaller events. Cricket Arena (the old "Old Coliseum"), which was actually the largest dome in the world when Elvis played there in 1955. A couple of other clubs scattered around town. I'll get you familiar with the place. DF!!!
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Yea Cricket Arena had the Street Dreams Tour with Weezy and Jeezy this past spring.

Ant, should be able to help you out since I'm not from Charlotte. I live in Durham btw.

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