Confirmed XX3 *edited*

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heres the story....

**** my story... had to edit to cover my buttocks... ************

*****and add my tag... i love you ppl.. but credit is everything!


Everybody is doing all this talk about how you dont get that "wow" feeling anymore...

i believe that it has something to do with MJ being out the game... 19's caught hell, 20s got, 21s got it, as well as the 22's... we were all caught up with wat the man was doing on the court.... the shoe could have looked like anything... but as long as he had it on... we were gonna cop...

now... theres not that same *umph* tied in with the shoe cuz we dont see the man go to work in it.... i garuntee if this shoe dropped in 98... everypost would have...

if nothing else... appreciate the shoe... its the end of an amazing legacy.... and i dont think it ever stood a chance with some of yall... which is sad....

i remember the days when ANYTHING that mike had anything to do with was considered amazing...

its the XX3... its more than just a number... its more than just a shoe.

Pardon my steps.


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You might actually be onto something...

The sides have the same patern that's on the XX3 box...and the "23" on the tongue appears to be the same "23" that's on the box as well...

check it:

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Oh SHIZZLE!! I think that's them!! Thanks so much for posting!!!
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can we get some confirmation from those who have seen? I was expecting more if that really is them, granted its a bad pic, but i was hoping to get blown away.
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Thanks for sharing, but REALLY hope that isn't it.
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Damn man. Might as well post up a colored pic now! LOL.'s kind of what I expected to be honest. Didn't make my heart stop or anything. Doesn't appeal to me much based on this pic, but never usually does at first. Will certainly take me a while ot get used to the girly little perf pattern on the vamp. Really cool midsole construction and different collar design. Interested to hear how it is a "considered" design as well. Cool!

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ugly, hope these arnt the 23's
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If this is the actual shoe :smh:
that people were gonna be disappointed because there was way too much hype building. To be blunt, this shoe is ugly as hell.

If it's not, which I think it isn't, then there is still some time for JB to redeem themselves.
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Maybe this is one of those patterns that you stare at it long enough and it says "Jordan"...LOL
"So many times it happens too fast.
You trade your passion for glory.

Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past.
You must fight just to keep them alive."
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wait so is this the 23? im confused

EDIT: ill wait for more pics before i make my judgment
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if those are it im hella disapointed
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WOW...from BHOYLE's response in this thread and another one created a bit sounds as if we have a like everyone else, "on the fence" at this point...i guess i will need color pics,,, and time to let them grow on me.
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