Contra Costa Heads: Who needs a checking account?

Feb 21, 2002
Well I work for the Mechanics Bank in Pittsburg, CA. We are currently in a contest for checking accounts that is up at the end of the month and we are about 10 short of our goal. So I thought what better way to spread the word than here on NT.

Now if you come in and see me you will be hooked up. I'll get you free checks, the account for free, pretty much anything you need, I got you.

Now you may think so what, WaMu or Wells does that. Well The Mechanics Bank also does not charge you for using other banks ATMs. We are a local bank based out of Richmond, so we do not have a lot of ATMs all over the world. So we don't charge you for using a WaMu, Wells Fargo, or BofA ATM.

Again you might ask "So what, WaMu does that too."

Alright, then we will refund the charge that the other banks or ATM charges you. You know that screen that says "This withdraw will charge you $3.00 for the transaction." We give that back to you. WaMu does NOT do that.

Plus you will be helping and NTer out.

So please come in to the Pittsburg Mechanics Bank (Located on the corner of 7th and Railroad Ave.)

Here is our address:

695 Railroad Avenue
Pittsburg, California 94565
(925) 439-4755

My name is Edwin again so come see me and ill take care of you (no @#%$).
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I spoke with someone that works at WaMu, they do NOT refund the fee that the actual non-WaMu ATM Machine charges you. They just dont charge you for using other banks ATM.

I need to sleep

EDIT: maybe a lil confusion, we also dont charge you at all for using other ATMs, but we refund what that atm charges you. Like in Vegas, if you use the Casinos ATM for 100 bucks, on your statement it comes up at 105.00 but at the end of the month the 5 bucks get put back into your account. And you dont get that charge from us for using that ATM.
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