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Feb 3, 2002
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Weapons are sick! :wow:

On of my favorite 80's/non-Nike sneakers.... I need the Black/White (Larry Legend) colorway. :smokin
I saw some two-tone denim chucks in the newest fhm w/tanya garcia on the cover (in the guy fashion section on the dude that looks like Zach Morris from Saved By The Bell). Anybody seen em around? I haven't bought any chucks in hella long but they look dope in the picture
any news on these?

FS/FT DS Zoom KOBE (black maize) SIZE 9
willing to trade for ds zk1 8.5
<if you havent bought yet, help me out>
^true. pretty expensive garbage. i wouldnt pay almost 10k for converse kicks even if they're a two-pack.
Think of all the possibilities.
E-mail I got from Converse Philippines

Please be advised that Ayala Center will be having a double midnight
madness this weekend, March 17 to 19. Converse Glorietta will be
offering 10% discount, including Dwyane Wade 2-pack limited kit. Grab this opportunity to own Dwyane Wade All Star shoes, limited supply only.
don't know if already posted but The wade White/red in already available..i saw it in royal sporting house in Rop place ermita.
are those wade packages numbered?

wanted: jordan 18, jordan 16, jordan 13 - size 12

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They should drop the AS Pack to 6K to make it attractive...9K is too much...
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I made a visit to Kobe Beefs house the other week and saw his Black/White/Red Icon Pro Leather (With D. Wade # 3 stitched on the side). So lovely! :wow:
Converse Philippines should have released those here... |I
not a converse fan but i saw something that looks like the icon pro leather..colors are all black and white/gray.
Saw the World Cup Chucks.

Pretty dope IMO.

World Cup Chucks > World Cup FCs
Yahoo and AOL IM: kingcrux31

Is the Black/Red Wade sold out ?I can't find it anymore .Eventhough they are 2 pair I will not spend that much on Converse

Nike Air Max 360 Basketball Gotta Love IT!
^ i saw one in sm manila department store..they also have the marquette wade's and red/white toe..i'll take a look tommorow if its still there..
i'm liking the playoff colorway of the wade. wonder if it will be available here
love is taking the air less travelled.
^^ yeah, i like the playoff wades too..
kinda reminds me of the answer 4's from afar..
cuz Ai always wears the black and white toes
with the eyecatching colorways.. haha.

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mber No.5[/b]​
^ sir in rob place ermita olympic village....Asg Pack wade's and in Royal sporting house, they have white/red sole wade's

and in sm manila dept. store they have marquette and white toe/red wade's the one he wore last x'mas day against the lakers...
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