Converse Wade Revolution/More Converse Sneakers~EDIT~

Jun 12, 2006

Credit goes to theprocessofbelief for getting the picture. I am not really liking this sneaker/idea. I think this sneaker will prove how marketable Wade really is, and if he can sell an average looking sneaker.

Also, is this no longer the Wade Revolution? And now just the All Star Rev.? Because I don't see the Wade star logo on the ankle


Here are some more catalog pics, and two more pictures of the Revolution. You can see the wade logo on the tongue, and the written thoughts behind the Revolution. Don't ask me why they appear to be written out of crayon.




oh wow. i didnt expect something this good. depending on the price point i might cop. but this is definitely something exciting
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Thanks again Nikeflightkobe8..

Release Date is November; a white version will release December. I will have tech soon.

I absolutely love this shoe. When I pictured it a few months back, this is almost exactly what I had in mind. I still don't know for certain about DWaynes sig...Hopefully info will be quick to come.
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They look like Chucks on steriods. I'd rather buy some black Chucks.

Straight off of that.

The Wade > Wade Revolution.
DANG!, I think this is great. If this can embody what made the original Chucks the standard for basketball shoes then it will be a fantastic shoe and revolution.
dangggg it takes those chuck taylors and makes them circa 2006
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i expected something looking better than the wade's not something that look like chuck taylors... damn
That is sick.

i wonder if it runs HUGE like chucks.

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Brings back the old school mentality, just like DWade does. I think the shoe is plain but that's just me, holla......
The star is on the medial side right?

I think they're pretty ugly...but maybe that's just me. If he can sell this shoe then dude has made it. :lol:

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!?!? Are you serious Converse???? That doesnt even look like a ballin shoe, it looks liek fake Vans and Dickies.WHAT THE HELL!??!?!?!
...if people are gonna play with that shoe, you gotta be freaking kidding me cuz that is just a pathetic looking excuse for a shoe. Forreal.

[/b]​ much hate! haha What were you all expecting? It is a performance Chuck. I'll agree that it is plain, be therein lies its beauty. I think alot of you may change your minds when you try it on. Then again....maybe not. From what I hear, the white colorway is 10x better looking...
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