"cool" idea for CDP. Lmk what y'all think

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Since JB won't let go of this "pack" thing.
They released bulls colorway for the CDP with a lot of disappoinments thrown in there
Why not do "cool" blue CDP
The same as the last CDPs from 1/22 to 11/12
But with the blue colorways( maybe some greys also)-and some new blue colorways for some
Powder 9s, September/sport 6s, the sample blue 14s, OG 17s, blue suede 21s, ect
Y'all get the idea
What ya think??


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that would be a nice idea, i could use some powder 9's but i dont see this happening although i believe packs are here to stay.
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IMO: Collectible cases/boxes would be nice ... but would add heavily to the price tag, as well as take away focus from the shoes.
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Originally Posted by luvtheshoe

Originally Posted by ooIRON MANoo

A good idea would be to do away with packs,
One of the best ideas yet.
definitely. How about individual releases where we still get what we want, instead of settling for a mediocre (as in you wont even want bothpairs) pack?
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Jordan Brand should do this, just don't do in a package.

IMO, single release (General Release) accumulate more money for Jordan Brand. And I know Jordan Brand love money.

Eye See You Gentry.....
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