+!!##%% cop experience. Can you beat mine?

Joined Jan 4, 2009
I was idling near a curb by my sisters school. There was a "no stopping any time" sign. I was like whatever
, I'm inside the car if needed I'll just move. Then I see a cop pull upbehind me. 10 minutes goes by, nothing going on yet. My sisters school gets out, and I step outside next to my car to catch her in the crowd of people. As Imstepping outside, I see the officer walking towards me. Me thinking he's gonna say something, but he walks AROUND me with an orange slip, smiles at me, andjust slides the slip under my wiper. Makes absolutely no effort in conversation. Then he turns around and gives me the
look with his stunna shades on his face as hes walking back, and I give him the
. $%!%%@% $50 illegally parked ticket..
Joined Feb 11, 2008
this isnt that bad, are you aware people get clubbed because they didnt stop at a stop sign? that made up story > yours


Joined Nov 22, 2008
i was at a no standing sign at Supreme and some broad of a traffic cop stands in front of my car so i cant pull out and scans my registration to give me aticket
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Originally Posted by IMASOLEMAN18

this isnt that bad, are you aware people get clubbed because they didnt stop at a stop sign? that made up story > yours
I know even worse #%+@ goes on, but this dude make no effort to even tell me what the #%!! he's doing. I'd atleast be talking to someone telling themyou're getting a ticket.

I also hate those Transportation Employees ( I call them wanna be cops), they just drive around in their cars with the scanner on top of their car just givingpeople parking tickets.

talkin bout these
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i got a reckless driving ticket for making too many lane changes. all legal with my signal and i wasn't speeding. i also spent 7 1/2 hrs in jail because ofthat ticket.

that happened tuesday.
Joined Dec 12, 2007
Originally Posted by AirThompson

I was thinking you got into a chase and got away.
mw too, but this dude story is funny, i can just picture the whole thing going on in my head
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