cost of living in metro manila

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i'm gonna be going on an extended vacation in the philippines for two months, mostly in quezon city, metro manila with stops in san pablo, laguna and in meycauayan, bulacan this summer from july-august and i haven't been back since i was 11 (10 years ago).

now my qestion is how much are the daily necessities over there such as food in the grocery, food in the restaurants, hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, etc. travel costs such as cab fare, jeepney fare, tricycle fare, etc. and also how much is the internet it cheaper to subscribe for 2 months for dsl service or visiting internet cafes 1-2 hrs at a time?

just trying to gauge how much $$$ i should bring for a 2-month vacation.

thanks in advanced!


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Last time I was there I was able to survive with $2 Gs for a Month and still had a few 100ds left. I was able to get Load for my phone. Pre paid internet card for my Laptop. trip to Boracay. Hired a Driver for the entire Month. Food to eat. Treat out some peeps to a comedy club and buy rounds of San Mig Light and Sisig. And do a little shoppin also. But that was when exchange rate was P55 to a Buck! Now its like P49. Good For Pinas Bad for US Balikbayans. :D
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Concerning internet access, if you happen to have a wifi equiped notebook your set!!!

I brought mine last year and it picked up signals everywhere, even when I was at the most remote places in the province. At one point when we where in the Makati area, I was virtually on-line while in the car as I was jumping from one unsecured wifi server to another.

I'm bringing mine again when I fly back next week to test a new SSID wifi that I just recently implemented which will bypass even the most secured connection, legally.
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i was in the PI this year from june - july.. if i could describe my vacation in one word, it'd be 'cheap'

everything from food, commuting, the women, etc. was cheap

i brought $2,000 US for my spendings and i was able to live like a freakin celebrity.. buying rounds @ the bar, gettin full body massages on a daily basis, takin girls out to the clubs/bars, etc. it was great

ahhhh! how i miss it! hopefully, ill be able to go back next year
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