Could you live without your cell phone or mobile internet for a year?

Joined Jan 3, 2009
Probably, but in this day and age you would miss so many events, conversations, etc
Joined Jun 16, 2008
absolutely. that's too easy, lol.

we'd still have internet at home, and home-phones/g-mail phone.

and on the go....

I'd just cop a beeper and find the nearest pay phone like the old days.
Joined Mar 3, 2010
A lot more FAPing if I didn't have a cell phone, no booty calls for a year is like asking Tebow not to pray on a Sunday.
Joined Jan 19, 2007
why do people need mobile internet? you cant wait until you get home to go on the internet?
Joined Nov 26, 2009
no way. A few days ago I went to work, but forgot my phone at home. Needless to say, I was going nuts.
Joined Apr 27, 2009
considering most people dont have a house phone i suggest they rethink if they said yes. how would you be able to contact close relatives who don't live particularly close to you. what if you get lost and can't find a place because i know you guys can't use a compass or a map. what if your car breaks down in the middle of the night in the pouring down rain.


Joined Jan 2, 2012
You NEED the internet in todays society. Anyone who says different is lying to themselves.
Joined Feb 5, 2010
w/o mobile internet? yes but it's so much more convenient having it. w/o a phone period? almost close to impossible for me due to my job, it's crucial means of communication from either talking or texting so I couldn't do it.

When I was younger and back in high school? I could def go w/o a phone but not now at this point of my life.

JJ Goon

formerly prettyboy ry7
Joined Dec 2, 2011
without both you would be so behind on everything it would be crazy


Joined Aug 1, 2011
yes, it would actually benefit me if someone physically kept me away from this !%+*!@@%.
Joined Sep 1, 2011

All I need is a laptop.  I don't HAVE to be online all the time its just a luxury and something to do when you are bored.

As for the phone.  House phone.  It would suck but how hard would it be to ask a friend to use their phone when you need to make a quick call.  If you need to have a personal call do it at home.

Maps? Know where you are going before you leave and print out directions

Alarm? Buy a real one.

Time? Get a watch.

Trust me you won't be missing anything of real importance.  You will be a better person and won't lose your social skills slowly.  Some you already have no game with chicks...then the internet mad it worse. 
Joined Jan 4, 2012
mobile internet I see as more of a luxury rather than a need at the moment cos I don't really see the need to be connected to the internet 24/7 people should enjoy time outdoors and I'm sure most people spend their time on the net when they are at home be it surfing or gaming, but the mobile phone has become so useful that I doubt those who have it and have had it for an extended amount of time could live without it.
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