Could you marry someone who absolutely could not cook?

Joined Jan 28, 2003
I've been thinking about this constantly. I don't want to be with anyone who can't cook and bake. I need to come home to good meals. I love cookingand I'm pretty good at it, so I'll do my share too. But I'm not trying to eat some slop every night.

This is what I want to come home to.
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probably. I can cook my %%% off do I'd teach her personally and be that much cooler for doing it
. Besides, I'd like having someone to cookfor more than anything.
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paella (sp?) hmmm that looks good, well it dpeends, hopefully you know some and could teach her a bit, n learn together, lol
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If that's what you want to come home to, you need to marry a nice girl from South America.

Anyways...there's a BIG difference between a girl who refuses to cook, and a girl who at least tries....if the girl tries, then she can get better's the one that REFUSES that you have to be wary motivation to do some of the most routine things probably will lead to other problemsdown the road...
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Originally Posted by keepzdasneakz

It doesn't matter if she he didn't know how when we first met, but she he better be a willing to learn.
right, and with all the cooking shows, cookbooks etc, there is no excuse why he shouldn't be able to throw something decent together.
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hopefully ill get rich in the future and hire a maid to cook for my family

not likely

but seriously, she has to at least be willing to pick up a recipe book if she doesnt know how to do anything already
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Yes, considering I'm an extremely picky eater and don't eat most peoples dishes including family.
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I can eat her sushi day and night, so cooking wouldn't be a problem.. Cause sushi is raw fish.
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my ex couldnt cook so her moms was making bomb filipino dishes

my new chick can cook her !$* off.

its something about a chick in shorts and a tank top cooking that is sexy
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Originally Posted by Nktran001

I can eat her sushi day and night, so cooking wouldn't be a problem.. Cause sushi is raw fish.
I was thinking this was going to be some sort of sexual joke. But thank you for letting me know sushi is raw fish
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Cooking is something that can be learned. As long as everything else is cool, cooking is the last of worries.
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Like a lot of dudes said in this thread, a woman has to learn if she can't cook. Call me irrational but if a man or woman is not chipping in to help hisspouse, that's not love. People need to show love through actions and taking the work load off each other. If you not cooking, you better be taking out thetrash, mowing the lawn, or washing the dishes. A woman just can't be out all day looking pretty, playing tennis, and not getting her hands dirty.
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