Craig Sager Appreciation!

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He does it on purpose to lighten up and makes the players warm up to him more. He's also 6'4 which is something some people don't know about him
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I did a search and didn't see anything on this and just decided to put it here. Really sad to hear:
Doctors Have Given Craig Sager 3-6 Months To Live

t turns out the news that broke Monday about Craig Sager‘s cancer returning is much worse than initially thought. In a teaser trailer for his interview with HBO Real Sports that is set to air Tuesday night, the 64-year-old veteran reporter acknowledged that the leukemia he’s been battling the past couple of years is no longer in remission. Today, Ben Golliver of tweeted a photo of the transcript of that interview in which Sager said that doctors have apparently given him three to six months to live.

Sager has been one of the most beloved figures around the league for years, partly because of his affable personality and partly because of his delightfully-outrageous sartorially decisions. In the past few seasons, he’s become widely known for his Laurel and Hardy routine with Gregg Popovich during those brusk sideline interviews the sullen Spurs coach enjoys so much.

He’s received an outpouring of support during his ongoing battle, particularly from Popovich, who is actually quite fond of Sager, all kidding aside. Here’s hoping Sager can be the outlier who goes on to live a happy, healthy life for many more years to come. The NBA world just wouldn’t be the same
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Just saw this. So sad.

3 months is right after the NBA finals.

Hopefully if he doesn't beat it this time, the league does some kind of tribute to him. He's been a mainstay for over 20 years now.

I'm hoping that Popovich is invited to do his eulogy though. Their relationship is epic and you can tell they both care for each other which is why they can pull off their act.
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Sad to hear. I was fearing it was news about him passing away today though.
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