Credit report help vol Experian different from the other 2 bureaus?


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So I was going to take out a loan of a 50 inch 1080p plasma that is a 1 day only deal, and it's not that I can't afford it, I just don't want tospend that much at once. However, apparently my Experian Credit report still has this dirty entry on it from Access Capital Credit and White Overnite (one ofthose free ipod deals, but is a super scam) even though I had already had it removed. I had to write to the Better Business Bureau, some kind of CaliforniaCommerce Board, and they called me and confirmed it had been removed.

So I go to apply for the loan today, and aparently it's still on my Experian credit report, but may or may not be on the other 2. She printed all 3 butwouldn't tell me. She said the only one they (the bank) go by i Experian.

Is that normal? I'm pretty new to credit and loans but I thought if it was removed it would be removed from all of them.

Now I have to get some kind of proof that it was taken care of and I don't even know who to call. Access Capital is the creditor who put the entry on sothey'd be the obvious choice, but they are super *@+@!+#% and I guarantee won't help me out.

Does Experian have a number? Who or what are they? This *!$! is going to cost me like 700$ if I get the same tv still

i had something removed from my credit report, but somehow it's still on there and now I have to prove to the bank it should have been removed initially.Who do I call to do so?
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The three major credit bureaus are all different entities; Experian , Transunion, Equifax.. What's erroneously reported on one may or may not be on theothers..

check out Credit forum
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