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Orlando Shaw, Nashville Father With 22 Children By 14 Women, Sued For Unpaid Child Support

Orlando Shaw
Orlando Shaw, who has 22 children by 14 women, is being sued for unpaid child support.

A Tennessee man who has 22 children by 14 women is being sued in what might be one of Nashville's most expensive child support cases, according to CBS affiliate WTVF.

In an interview outside court, Orlando Shaw said he loves all of his kids and considers himself a good father -- it's just that he can't afford to pay child support.

Visit WTVF for more details.

Gawker noted that the 33-year-old appeared to have "lost count" of how many kids he has during an interview. On the whole, Shaw appeared to be both unapologetic about his circumstance and unprepared to tackle its steep financial challenges.

"I was young and ambitious, and I love women," Orlando Shaw told WTVF. "You can't knock no man for loving women."

His past partners might beg to differ, as they have taken Shaw to court over "tens of thousands of dollars" in unpaid support. Shaw said his criminal record makes it difficult for him to find gainful employment. If he isn't able to pay, Shaw may end up in jail again, according to WTVF.

Although it is a matter serious enough for the women to take Shaw to court, various media outlets have picked up Shaw's story from a humorous angle. Hypervocal observed that Shaw has fathered "two starting football teams’ worth of kids," ranging from infants to age 18. (If that age is accurate, it would mean Shaw had his first child when he was only 15 years old.)

Meanwhile, Guyism had a cruder assessment of Shaw's predicament:

"If we were being honest, though, his rationale for how this happened would be 'I love women…but I hate pulling out.' Remember kids, that extra two seconds of joy can cost you your whole life."
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'I love women…but I hate pulling out.'
I dead.

And he might be going to jail. Because he can't pay child support......... Partially because he went to jail. Murica.
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