Crossing the border?

Joined Jan 20, 2006
Haven't gone over in about a year, are they now checking all passengers for photo ID and documentation?
Joined Jan 14, 2006
is photo ID and documentation just our canadian citizen passport or is it more than that?
now u really don't wanna not declare what u bought in the states when ur coming back up, cuz they will f*ckin kill u if they find out these days
Joined Feb 8, 2004
i think you have to bring a passport now...
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I think for now a passport is required for flights and up until a certain date photo ID & citizenship card/driver's license covers ground border crossing...

Man I got pulled over last year & they started going through the fiancee's stuff & mine - like they needed to "find" something (I'm sure they have a quota they need to fill :tongue:
Joined Jan 20, 2006
Anyone got a passport or a new health card recently, how long does it take? And I'm 20 and don't even have a license, when you do the written test what do they give that day?
Joined Jul 23, 2004
^nope, takes about a week..and a Passport takes a good month and now a days maybe two.
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