Crossing the border?

Jan 20, 2006
Haven't gone over in about a year, are they now checking all passengers for photo ID and documentation?
is photo ID and documentation just our canadian citizen passport or is it more than that?
now u really don't wanna not declare what u bought in the states when ur coming back up, cuz they will f*ckin kill u if they find out these days
i think you have to bring a passport now...
Team Saugaour streets is clean
I think for now a passport is required for flights and up until a certain date photo ID & citizenship card/driver's license covers ground border crossing...

Man I got pulled over last year & they started going through the fiancee's stuff & mine - like they needed to "find" something (I'm sure they have a quota they need to fill :tongue:
Anyone got a passport or a new health card recently, how long does it take? And I'm 20 and don't even have a license, when you do the written test what do they give that day?
^nope, takes about a week..and a Passport takes a good month and now a days maybe two.
That's my word

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