Crowd Lifts Car in Flames Off Motorcyclist - Vol. There are Still Good People in this World

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A group of construction workers, students, and general bystanders stepped in to save the life of an injured motorcyclist caught beneath a fiery car wreck on Monday in Logan, Utah. The video above, courtesy of NBC's Today Show, shows the group band together to lift the burning car and pull the man to safety.

According to reports, the man was identified as 21-year-old Brandon Wright and is in stable condition after undergoing surgery on Monday evening. The driver of the car was not seriously injured in the accident.|maing9|dl1|sec1_lnk3|95172
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that was awesome, i can imagine the conversation

Chick - "OMG theres someone under there"
Dude - "!@#$ it" (runs to the car) "everyone! LIFT"

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Even the suits were trying to help... Gives me hope for humanity...Hope dude under the car is ok...
Joined Nov 8, 2007 gosh oh my gosh....

feelsgoodman..... like op said, good to see there are still good people in this world.
Now I'm going to go out there and do something good today 
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dude in the suit(owner of car I believe) just steps to the side while everybody else is trying to lift that car.

Everybody else is awesome and get a
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Originally Posted by SoVerSoTowel

how does a car land on you and you dont die?

any footage of the accident?
C'mon man...the car fell on him??? Not sure if serious.
As with most moto accidents, homey probably lost control, slid off his bike and slid underneath the car while his bike smashed into the car.
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