Cushion of 2009 Retro AJ 1

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Hey i have a question for Jordan heads who actually play in their Jordans. I'm planning to buy a cheap pair of retro AJ 1 from 2009 for training/bball. Are all the 2009 retro AJ 1 cushion made better than older retro 1s cushion ? (AJ 1 that were retro before 2009)
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Air jordan 1's seem to all be made from the same meterial, that is why there are some many out there.
If you are going to buy a pair for ball or traning, I would go with Air jordan 1 Alpha
The material on them are made to be played.


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^^^^^ I agree. The Alpha 1 seems like it is very durable and the are very lightweight. If your gonna ball in these i know you probably arent worried about creasing but the Alpha 1 if it does crease will not crease as nearly as fast as the leather 1s of the past.
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why not just buy a good basketball shoe instead
lol true
Well i found a nice pair of AJ 1 highstrap black blue for only 39.99 that's why.

go to a nike outlet or something......and trust me...back in highschool i thought i was gonna look pretty on the court playing in these...and by mid season i coulnt take it anymore.....its like walking on cardboard and i had to change shoes.....that was the last time i bought basketball shoes just for style.....go find something with zoom
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Originally Posted by KenJi714

Well i found a nice pair of AJ 1 highstrap black blue for only 39.99 that's why.

The fact that a pair of Air Jordans is 39.99 might be a hint.
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to tell the truth for 40 bucks you can get a good pair of nikes or adidas which are way better for ballin
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But Im too pretty and my game is too nice to be rocking some $40 Adidas ... hah jk. Guess I'll just add some more money and get another pair of Kobe V or something.
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