Custom Charcoal 7 Lows CHOP TOP

Joined May 30, 2013
Ever since I saw the 7 low samples Ive wanted  a I finally bought a second pair of charcoals for an first custom pair of J's. What do y'all think? I might put purple oval laces in them to add more of a custom look as well. When I get them Ill post a picture.
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well sir I would say you have successfully BUTCHERED a great pair of 7s.. Shame on you..
Joined May 30, 2013
I already have a pair of DS charcoals and I stole this pair off ebay for why not? The cut seams are really straight and I put in some shorter flat laces. It gives the shoe a whole new look! Plus, its a matter of time before JB releases a 7 low...I just beat them to it!

Joined Dec 3, 2007
you did a good job, but i'm with the others, can't say i like the result.

the laces don't work either imo. maybe if they were flats. (and this is coming from a guy who had a pair of white laces in my '02 black/reds for a few years).
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I think it's time to put the scissors down sir lol.
LOL they are put down.....for now.

I knew the purists would hate. Got forbid we alter something!!! Isnt that what being creative is?? I chose the 7s because the seems are easy to follow and since there is no sown-in padding in the area where I chopped it didnt require any sewing. I was originally going to chop a pair of orions or some other retro color but I loved how the black sample lows looked so I wanted to do a black based 7. Thank you to those who complimented. After all, they are still just shoes.
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Lol, the cut is actually clean, i just personally hate the look. It's cool that you had a vision and was able to execute. Keep being creative regardless of who like the outcome. Art is subjective.
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yeah the cut is done very well but if a low were to come out they would probably alter the design so it still looks the same as the mids but in low form, keep up the good work cuz they're only shoes right?!
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Do what you like, and if they dont like it, you like it, and if you like it, I like it! lol

It looks clean, good job on it! 

Shoe designers come up with ****** designs and people buy it, you actually have something good and different, so props to that!
Joined May 30, 2013
So i wore these to the local mall the other day and made my rounds (Footlocker, Champs, Finish Line, etc.) and I have to say people were staring like crazy lol The Champs workers actually stopped working and were following me around the store to get a better look! It was quite amusing. I'm not sure if they thought they were fakes or samples or just customs but they brought some attention.

So now I want to cut another pair of course haha I was thinking Orions since it is a white based shoe and would be cool to do a Custom Retro 7 low Pack. Any other suggestions? What color would you like to see in a low?
Joined Oct 13, 2012
I think that either orions or olympics for your next low top. I would suggest bourdeaux's, but those are too beautiful to chop up.
Joined May 30, 2013
Yea I couldnt do that to some Bordeauxs...but Im scouting ebay for some orions, cardinals or olympics. Whichever one I can get a good deal on is what im going with. Anyone has some let me know. Size 11.5 please.
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