Jan 10, 2002
Customer brought in some Pures and told me what he wanted and so this is the result. Not exactly what I would have wanted for these shoes, but he liked them. And happy customers are good for the bottom line.

I should also mentioned that these were customized beforehand and they looked like garbage, so the main purpose was to cover up the previous work.

BTW: He is Kwame Brown's cousin and he plays for a local high school here in Boise.

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Thats one of the reasons I don't do Signature Jordans, They're extremely tough to make look legit. Nice painting skills though+++
those do not look fake at all those look straight up like customs,i never seen a fake in my life that would look like that and have random letters on the side. good paint job if i was young i woulda done something like this myself
The owner of the shoes loves them and now they are one of a kind and personalized to boot. For a senior in high school here in little Boise, Idaho he's got something that no one else on his basketball team has. Most kids around here don't know fakes from authentics. We don't get much of either when it comes to retros. Our local Finishline will get 30 pairs tops of only GR retros. So when something is different and unique that's all it is in most peoples eyes.
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sorry, but :x
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Its a nice paint job but they look extremely fake.
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agree man it looks like some fakes if you would take out the silver it will look better fixed
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