CUSTOM: Triprint 23 Classic

Oct 21, 2000
<---Sonny Cheeba doesn't care about henchmen.
"I will smash your face into a windshield; then I'll take your mother, Dorothy Mantooth out to a nice seafood dinner and NEVER call her again!" - David, Koechner, Anchorman
"Using no way as way. Having no limitation as limitation." -Bruce Lee
the print is real nice but would probably look better on a diff shoe
THREE00ZEEX@YAHOO.COM[/email] - WANTED size 13-14:
Air Max 1 Atmos SAFARI
Air Max 1 NL white/grey CEMENT
Air Max 97/360 hybrid UNION
Your ability w/such intricate patterns has gotten even better over the years bro. Nice job. Hope to be working with you soon.
LWhy?"Because we hate you"
I always do the f***in', just might do the buckin'.
I leave my Nikes stuck in your rectum, till you learn
Brand Nubian, yo, you gotta respect em
interesting concept. I kinda like ' DEFINITELY improved on the base shoe
Just look at it as 30 more pounds of awesomeness
They kinda look like something you would cover your car seats in.

And I mean that in the best possible way.
OMG! :wow:
This is my first time on the Sneaker Art forum, and it definetly not my last!
i tried safari over a camo style print before...yours most definitely came out better. only suggestion is to do it on a better base shoe.
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