D-Train 6.1 IP, 1H, 5K's versus Rangers

Oct 23, 2008
Yeah, its just his second start of the season, but strong showing nonetheless. 100 pitches, 61 of them strikes. I really wish this guy can get it backtogether.
D-Train was looking good. He was hitting the corners pretty well tonight.

Wilbon called him breaking out on PTI tonight
Ive been wondering when a Tigers season thread would pop up, but we hot right now, so I aint wanna jinx $+@# by making one...

@ Willis. Aint watch the game, wanna see the highlights. Been rooting for him...
Yeah, I'm juiced. I've always been a fan of him, since he came up after the Cubs traded him. I was so excited that he got traded to the Tigers, becauseI'd be more likely to watch him pitch live(I'm an A's fan). But with everything that has happened since, it seems like he will never be the same,hopefully he turns it around. The Rangers are legit this year too, so hopefully its not a fluke on D's part.
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