DA ZONE featured in the latest issue of Dime

Apr 7, 2002
Received the newest issue of Dime in the mail today, Wade on the cover wearing a Jordan Jersey. Anyways, there is a little feature on Da Zone in it, so thought I'd share it...

Da Zone is located at 468 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M5V-2B2.
416.868.9663. www.dazone.ca
Can anyone explain why the New Era Fitteds at Da Zone say "made in china", as opposed to other fitteds that say "made in usa"?......I bought 2 fitteds from Zone a while back and i only wore them a few times because they never fit on me properly :\
I have since stopped buying the fitteds from there, can anyone shed some light on this?
For those who were wondering why some hats were produced in China and others in the U.S. Let me explain... New Era finds sources in China to produce the hats they sell all across the country. For example the Skyline hats that are available to every New Era Account in North America are produced in China. Its just cheaper for New Era to do so...mass production.Just like all the other brands of the world. Only the customs hats and Game hats are made in the U.S. They are smaller orders so they can make them locally.
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^Thanks for clarification, I knew it'd be something along those lines...

Da Zone fitted game is pretty dope...good selection...New Era just been fallin' off with the designs
Da Zone has the best selection of New Era caps in the city IMO, and right now they have a bin of various hats for $19.99 each
Looking for the LRG "unbuckle my buckle" belt buckle, msg me if you're selling!

F/S: 4th generation 20gb Ipod silicone case, blue, $20 shipped, msg me for details!
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