dalitso-2009 YEAR BOOK AUTOGRAPHS!!!

Joined Mar 14, 2005
Wud up NT!!!! So myseniors are graduating and they are exchanging autographs to share their well-wishes and all. When they ask me for asignature, I try to make them memorable. Anyways, here the signatures done this year's class!!!

comments and feedback are welcomed!!!!!!
Joined Nov 29, 2008
those 6s, 2 lows, and 12s are insane. your the teacher? where do you get the time to do those?
Joined Jan 15, 2007
wow! not only is it very creative, but also very well executed. everything is spot on

like matt i'm also wondering where you got the time to do these
Joined Aug 1, 2005
Awesome, absolutely awesome, very unique and very creative. Good job man. I like it very much.
Joined Mar 14, 2005
matt n Onlyfootball-thanx fam.......as an Art Teacher, i try to make time to draw them pix;besides, i enjoy the writing as much they enjoy reading the messages!!!!

MightyMYT, jordanpinoy, n arrjae-thanx my peepz!!!!!
Joined Nov 14, 2004
Dalitso - You must be the greatest educator in the world
This is comingfrom an educator...
Joined Jul 6, 2008
What I like most, is that you have personalised each autograph for each student ...sporty, flowers, musical, etc.
Very creative & personal.

Your student's are going to look back at these years from now & it will bring a smile to their face.
Joined May 21, 2008
very nice dalitso. stuff like that kids are gonna carry with them for ever, if this is any indication of ya dedication then we need more teachers like you
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