Dallas Peeps Back At It

Joined Mar 22, 2006
Once again its time to start a page for the city of Dallas to help each other out and promote friends and family. Between Adikt, PEG, Eleven 80, DK, Sour Grapes, and Big Mikes is nothing but Dallas Love. We need to let everyone know where and when things drop and not be like other cities and hold back on friends.

P.S. Represent D-Town to the Fullest
Joined Aug 30, 2006
just moved to dallas and checked out some of spots... they have some heat there. been to peg, adikt, big mikes.... can someone give me some info on sour grapes and dk, plz. thanks. i was also wondering were all the dallas heads went to go wait for the grapes??? i went back to houston to copp mines.
Joined Jul 14, 2005
good call going back to houston. i got shut out trying to hit the malls here. town east mall, red bird (aka southwest center) and the parks in arlington had the grapes.

i'd like to know what's up with sour grapes and DK too.
Joined Feb 25, 2006
Don't fret, I'm sure there's more to come. Besides, people seem to have this thing about not getting a particular shoe, as you long as you have paper to burn, there's no such thing as giving up. Peace
"Where'd you get those?"-Bobbito Garcia​
Joined Mar 4, 2006
Dallas native right here showin love to fellow D-town peeps. Check out the DK on Lancaster, sometimes they got some slept on stuff there. N Big Mikes is the spot I would always cop my stuff. They are some good ppl there.
Joined Feb 28, 2003
dont want to change the subject and all... but i need a better paying job, anybody know of any job openings? im up for all things
Need Ralph Lauren Polos? I have from S-XL... contact me!​
Joined Mar 22, 2006
I agree I need a job, someone help me too!!

Them Nike Dunks GLOW IN THE DARK are dropping at P.E.G.
Sizes 7-13 $155 I do believe but check with them to make sure!!

D-Town's Finest Thumper!
Joined May 6, 2006
.im not from DALLAS,im from SAN ANTONIO but i just wanted 2 say whats up 2 all d-town...i like da way ya r trying 2 stick 2getter...much love 2 ya ....TEAM ACK RIGHT
Joined Jun 16, 2006
glad everyone is back..lol on the real I wasn't gonna reveal this but since we're all family here....lol DK's is the spot...they get it all there...that's all I fool with. only thing is they use to sell AF1's for 119.00 but folks on getting turned on to them so he know's he can get more...so now AF1's there are 134.00...but if you must have it..they got it and Big Mike's (another spot with heat) charges around 150.00 so DK's is still a lil' cheaper.
Joined Nov 1, 2006
Ok then d-town is gonna blow up and make sure yall go and support some od our local artist like tumzilla, big tuck cuz there albums will be :pimp:
..:team TEXAS:..
" we so for real here presidents get killed here
Joined Jun 29, 2002
Awready. Good to see D-Town gettin' some love. Ayy anyone know a good store to cop some hoody's? I stay over in Mesquite and Town East Mall don't have the @#%$ i'm lookin' for. Just some good lookin' hoody's. Good looks.

For those looking for a good paying job i'm not sure what you mean by that but UPS hires every week. Its impossible not to get a job there. When I use to work there they use to pay for my school and everything. The benefits are crazy. If you're a lazy bum though than might as well pass but its not really hard work. Especially if you've played football in middle or high school.

Just extra info what high school ya'll dudes went to up here?
Joined Oct 4, 2001
i go to Sunset in oak cliff i know we suck at like every sport but soccer,when i start playin next year yall are gonna hear of us
on the realz tho, whats a sig?
Joined Aug 10, 2004
good to see some dallas people up in here..i've been checkin NT for a long minute and just checked these regional forum threads out..
Woodrow 02' ha
Joined Mar 12, 2006
i'm going to dallas for Christmas, can you guys help me out with some good places to go? I'm from the bay, so I'm spoiled with quickstrike and tier0 accounts so some average urban account won't satisfy me. Any good spots for nike/adidas/puma or am I SOL? Thanks guys
Wanted: Size 12: all star af1's, houston all star af1's, playstations, st patty's and size 13 hawaiis
Joined Feb 25, 2006
You're pretty much SOL. Peace and may your sneakers not crease.
"Where'd you get those?"- Bobbito Garcia
Joined Feb 25, 2005
I'm from Dallas but I live in Fort Worth now. I just got in this sneaker game, but yeah I always hear about Big Mikes getting all the fresh stuff.

Edit- Can somebody please post or pm me DK's address and if possible can somebody post or pm me some addresses for some good places in Fort Worth that carry some nice forces and jays?
Joined Apr 10, 2003
when did you see them there dertyslab? just called metropartk at 2:30 and they told me they didnt have any... and didnt think they were gonna get any
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