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Mar 22, 2006
There are many kick stores opening in Dallas... I went to the 97.9 Hip Hop Car Show and saw almost every shoe out there... you name it i saw it... it was a mazing... P.E.G. is one of many stores that I know of that is on top of things along with many more that can't even begin to name... But my main idea for this post is to get every Dallas Kick Fiend to keep each other updated on where and when to get new up coming kicks in dallas....
What and where are some of the new shops? I know P.E.G., Big Mike's, Harold Pener's, and DK, but what else is there?
Big Mike's had those melo 2's dat dropped when i was out there......
Wanted: sz. 12 ds st. patty/easter/halloween/christmas/mardi gras/all-star AF1's ..pm me or enwoke@yahoo.com

This would be cool if everyone shared some spots with updates. Shoe Heads need to look out for each other. Here are some spots:

DK Foot and Casual
Big Mikes
Harold Penner

What's up with the spots opening in Deep Ellum and Uptown areas?
i dont share the info very much.
but here is a lowdown of spots. 90% of the kicks you see on peoples feet here are fake. sorry but ive seen probally 500 pair of jordan XI's and i know not too many are real. that goes for IV's and III's as well.
big mikes= urban account. really loyal to there customers. but if your new and they dont know you then its a little diff.
streetz in six flags mall= japanese cat is mad cool. place has fakes and legit stuff. so keep your eyes peeled cause those af1 are hot but they didnt make em in that color. and bathing ape's dont cost$100
dk =urban account. get all the hot releases..
peg=indie energy. one step below tier zero. getting all the hottest kicks. quickstikes. etc.

as for new spots here is the scoop
adikts is opening in july. location will be in west village. . should be a nice spot.

octane is opening a sneaker boutique in victory plaza below the W hotel that they are building by american airline arena. dont know the name of the spot. its octane so expect high fashion. which is cool but i dont think thats what most of the cats on this board are looking for. there concept is a sneaker bar. kinda cheesy and not very hands on but what ever.

and finally rumor has it that another boutique is opening. i will keep ya posted on that one cause it will make things interesting around here. so stay up..get laced
like i said theres this new shop just opened... called Interesting Things.... it must have some ill kicks seeing as the guys passing out the cards on the shop had the easters, brazil world cups, seer suckers, and the mexico world cups... imma go today to check out the shop and go ahead and get to meet the new kick family... later this week i'll let yall know about the 2 new shops and also where to find anything yall new...

Dallas should represent to the fullest-
This kind of fits here, the new Nike Outlet in Grapevine Mills Mall opens up tomorrow. Tonight is VIP and family night from 6-9 (you have to have a pass to get in). I will try to post in the morning on what they have.
Yeah i was planning on going tomorrow... and buyin them out.. haha.. where can i get a pass?
interesting things? where is this shop? im serious when i say i know almost anything that goes on here in the sneaker game so who are these cats? we need a location! and i will see some peeps at grapevine mall tomorrow. anyone want to meet up hit me @ www.myspace.com/chesterrsf by the morning. stay up.jdthumper hit me on myspace with info on interesting things please

oh and for you size 9 cats. there is a sample guy at traders village in grand prarie. its towards the back he is there every weekend. he has nike and adidas. all samples including clothes. prices are fair. and your welcome in advance. if you want the exact location just hit me up and i will try and direct you right to him.
Just got back from VIP night at the new Nike Outlet in Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, TX. The outlet opens tomorrow to the public. Tonight they had 35% off EVERYTHING in the store! They had a ton of good stuff:
Jordan XIV Chutney and Redwoods FSR $109
Jordan 20 3/4 FSR $79
Lebron III White/Gold FSR $79
Jordan Jeters FSR $69
Force 180 Olympics and Black/ Red FSR $59
Tons of Shox, and all types of Air Max running shoes
Lots of Lifestyle and Considered shoes
Scattered on the back walls I saw Dub Zeros (blue/white and ceramic) Jordan XX's regionals, Hurache 2k5, Multiple Air Force Ones (only in womens sizes), Jordan X's (red/white), Jodan Boots, and much I have already forgot. They didn't have alot of good clothing though
well like i said chester i went to that place yesterday and they treated me well... Interesting Things is a good place to go for Jordans and Clothing... Alot of them sport the Easters and World Cup kickz but sold out of them... they get a shipment almost everyother day... I only know of this place through a guy named J and met Potty yesterday... Small but unique i would say... and as for other shops... there are some located in south dallas but i wouldnt go in there unless you knew someone bc they wont sell to ya... Nike town should be a good visit today!
we need a address for interesting things please. and i sent you a email back jrthumper.

also at the outlet
rifts white $29.99,
dunk nl premiums grey/red $49.99
air max 97, 93 and 1 all womens sizes. 59.99-69.99
overall its ok. i will try and keep things updated.
Sent you an email back already Chester...
and as for the address i need to go home and look for the card... Its something like... S. Lancaster RD. 75214 Suite B. Dallas, Tx. but like i said i'll give a more accurate address... and if you go give your boy some credit... tell them Ralph or Thumper reffered you... hopefully they'll know... anywhere in dallas they got the world cups?
Im glad to hear that DFW is stepping their shoe game up....Back in 00' to 04', their were absolutely no shoe boutiques I could of went to....Im heading up that way in 2 weeks and i wanna check out all of the spots you have....can someone keep me posted on locations of all da new shops....
Wanted: sz. 12 ds st. patty/easter/halloween/christmas/mardi gras/all-star AF1's ..pm me or enwoke@yahoo.com

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The DK in garland has the mexico and holland world cups. Is there anywhere that has the denim dunks?
^might sound funny but you can check urban outfitters for those denims. they get a okay selection of dunk releases. i want to know if any one has a sb place here in town besides fast forward. retail prices please.
^^^PEG has nothing. They'll get a quickstrike everynow and then. But even chesterfc has to admit that the owners know absolutley nothing. Its more of a place showcasing their clothing brand.

I do have to agree with chesterfc that most of what you see is fake.

Big Mikes is probably still the best bet.

Adikt should be a cool spot once they get the up and running.
i ask that you dont go saying something you know nothing about.

i know when the store opened. i know what you do there. i know when they got their accounts. i know how they got their accounts. i know when their stuff is coming in. i know more about PEG than you think i know. check ur inbox

i stand by what i said. BIG MIKES has been around for years, and has always been carrying heat. look out for ADIKT. look out for other stores to open up.
anyways, @#%$ all dat....I need some locations to these spots cuz im coming out there in 2 weeks....pm me some directions to PEG and BIg Mikes.....
Wanted: sz. 12 ds st. patty/easter/halloween/christmas/mardi gras/all-star AF1's ..pm me or enwoke@yahoo.com

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good lookin....ima be out in lewisville part time and in tyler part time as well....
Wanted: sz. 12 ds st. patty/easter/halloween/christmas/mardi gras/all-star AF1's ..pm me or enwoke@yahoo.com

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