Damn mods thats really dirty

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[h2]System Error[/h2]
You have exceeded your daily reply limit of 1 posts. Please contact a community administrator here if you want it adjusted

The wack part is that I can't even reply to my own thread after this.



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Your other SN has a vast history of suspensions and warnings.
I suppose this is JR5's way of keeping your ability to violate the rules to a minimum

From: KoolKatz
Sent:June 8, 2009, 1:48 pm

men how come i got a limit to 1 posting everyday
what did i did that was so wrong

wow im starting to think my friend made a NT account under my name with all my information in it also and + he got suspend from niketalk numerous of time till I made my own account not knowing it thats really BS.
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i forsee this thread being locked and you being banned. the gods don't like to be talked about in a non-worshipful way.
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