Damn Natinals...

Sep 1, 2006
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Names have been spelled wrong on uniforms. Names have been spelled wrong on bats. So yeah, as an ironic nod to the past, the Nats will naturally stuff a few Rossevelt bobbleheads into their official merchandise emporiums, daring the world to think they're serious. They're not serious, world. They're just messing with you now.

Anyhow, everyone in NatsTown remembers the friendly little hint for how to spell Roosevelt. It's just like the crowd at most D.C. sporting events--twice as many O's as you think there should be.

My source on this one was loyal Post reader Joanne Richcreek, whose eyes were sharpened while working as a newspaper copy editor--"sort of a curse and a blessing," she said.. She had no intentions of buying a $30, extra-large Teddy bobblehead at the store behind section 131 this weekend, but the Rossevelt thing made it irresistible. And, she notes, she purchased this on the day of Ross Detwiler's second start. Get it?

So maybe there was some sort of sly winking going on, like if the Nats started selling Bratworst, Done jerseys and New Error hats.

The actual bobblehead itself says, simply, "Teddy," but the large sticker on the box was hard to miss, and all the extra-large Teddy bobbleheads were similarly mis-adorned. I would say that, unopened, this is an instant collector's item, except at this point the only collector's items are the things spelled correctly. Don't forget, Spelling Bee, Wednesday and Thursday, Grand Hyatt. Figure on a final between Kavya Shivashankar and Stan Kasten.

Still and all, the Rossevelt bobblers are probably less offensive than the Oriole-colored Nats hat, shown on the broadcast and captured by Mister Irrelevant. As one commenter noted over at Nats Journal, "Why not just wear a sign stating 'Please spit on me.' " Anyhow, at least the "W" seems to be spelled correctly.

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