David Bowie Appreciaition Vol. Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am

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one of my favorite artists ever. it's crazy how divere his discography is....truly an artist who knew how to transcend genres. Ziggy Stardust is my favorite album but Young Americans is a close second. He's a damn good actor to boot 
. Definitely appreciated. 

Dude made a CHILDREN'S book out of space oddity. There's some legal red tape business going on right now but you can read it here
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I'd like to dedicate some time to his work.. His discography is pretty extensive, where do I begin?
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Originally Posted by xblaze23

I'd like to dedicate some time to his work.. His discography is pretty extensive, where do I begin?
Hunky Dory

Or you can always just get his greatest hits and pick out your favs.

But Bowie is def appreciated
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Hunky Dory is my favorite album of his, closely followed by Ziggy. Such an amazing artist 
And he's a character on Venture Bros.
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David Bowie is def appreciated over here...Dude has reinvented himself so many times & influenced so many bands/artists. Think the Let's Dance release is underappreciated (produced non other than by Niles Rodgers). Love the Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar playing on that album...Bowie always had great guitar players in his various incarnations. 

BTW, you wondered about Bowie not getting a lot of love earlier...Not sure that alot of NTers listen to anything outside of Little Wayne, Drake, Young Jeezy...Aside from some of the 90's hip hop threads I see from time to time, some of these young hoppers think old school is Jay Z or Oasis...
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David Bowie is awesome...Getting ready to listen to the Lodger lp

Edit: actually,it's the Scary Monsters lp

air spider 777

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Legit bummed about this. Dude was so great. Loved all his music. Guy really loved all his music and hated everything about the business part of it. Guy always did what he wanted. We were blessed to have been given The Next Day and Blackstar.

The sun will never set on a legend.

RIP Ziggy.
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I quit posting on NT but had to post in this thread... The term artist is thrown about loosely when talking about musicians but it's so appropriate when it comes to Bowie.

His constant work to evolve gave the world so much great music across different genres. RIP to a true artist & legend.
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