Dawn from Danity Kane appreciation///Shes top 5 dead or alive

Joined Oct 9, 2008
Originally Posted by CalvinJohnson

Anyways i think im going to hell or jail, i dont know which
You know damn well you're not 18, and so do we.
You trying to expose yourself?

We see you Geronimo.
Joined Aug 28, 2006
What the hell. MAD pics man. You didn't have to OD. She def looks underage. Chris Hansen is watching.
Joined Jun 23, 2007
That's Jasmine Villegas...

...and yes, you would definitely be going to jail.

15 years old something you definitely don't wanna mess with.

And to put her above both Dawn and Adriana
Joined Aug 4, 2004
Some of those pictures were very young.

Others were a lot older.

Imagine her getting old, you already know shes gonna put on that NYC LATINA MAMA WEIGHT
Joined Nov 18, 2007
did dude really post mad pics of underage women, then edited and posted pictures of this subpar chick

and claimed she is top 5 dead or alive?

stop posting
Joined May 2, 2008
Originally Posted by Crank Lucas

did dude really post mad pics of underage women, then posted pictures of this subpar chick

stop posting
u been here long enough... not hard to figure out who would do such things... shhh...
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