Dawn of the Dead Trainer sb

Jan 22, 2007

I searched to see if this was posted already but couldnt find anything. Imo these are ok. Not as creative as the freddy's, but they look better.
i don't see any connection between its color and "dawn of the dead". it should just called hallaween pack.
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Those are def. not for me.
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This pheonix colorway thing is gettin outta hand in my eyes.. :smh:
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i was at supreme last month and saw these sittin in the back and asked dude about em but they dont like sharin info wit @#%$ outta the circle
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these are based on the old damn of the dead pre 2000 era movie cover which includes purple,orange and grey
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those are hot...please dont hype :smile:

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i copped mine yesterday :pimp:
with purple laces
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hot trash.

pickyourshoes.com has a few and noone is buying on ebay.

same with the tech pack. 100 and up are reserved to OG colorway retros or pre 2002 retros.
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ehh not feeling the colors
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was it nessacary to even give those a "name".

those are bucu plain.
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