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James Gunn Will Reportedly Help DC Rebuild Their Cinematic Universe

Last week, We Got This Covered reported that we’d heard Warner Bros. was planning to effectively rebootthe DC Extended Universe. The original continuity will stand in the likes of the Wonder Woman and Aquaman franchises, but new projects – like The Batman and Supergirl – will take place in a fresh timeline that won’t connect with the old movies at all.

At the time, we believed this meant WB was attempting to sweep the past of the DCEU under the rug. However, our source now tells us that the studio is turning to a certain filmmaker who also works with Marvel to rebuild their fractured franchise.

WGTC has heard that James Gunn has been appointed to get the DCEU back in shape. From what we understand, the diector is set to be involved in several upcoming projects as a producer, with his role as overseer of the cinematic universe also meaning he’ll be involved in some capacity in almost all films moving forward, even if he’s not explicitly credited.

To clarify, the plans to continue with two separate DC universes is still a go, so Matt Reeves’ The Batman remains set to reboot the Dark Knight mythoson the big screen. Our source tells us that there’s the idea to potentially merge the two timelines together eventually, but there are no immediate plans for that
Good to see what Gunn is picking up with next.

Hopefully he'll do a better job than his predecessors.

:rofl: @ playing around with merging the two "timelines". Does that include the Joker movie? Or is that still way unconnected?

Watch Marvel dump his behind.
Can't serve 2 masters. And is insider trading a concern? Lol :wink:
Gunn was done when they hired him back.

Before the controversy he was talking about doing more space **** and possibly Thunderbolts. After getting his job back he's finishing his GotG trilogy and thats it.

He already doing Suicide Squad thats scratching that Thunderbolts itch.
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THE BATMAN's Four Lead Villains Have Reportedly Been Revealed

Geeks WorldWide is relatively new to the scoop game but they've been spot on about a few different stories lately, including Swamp-Thing's shock cancellation. Now, the site has shed some light on who they claim will be the four lead villains in The Batman courtesy of some casting breakdowns.

The Riddler

According to the site, The Riddler will more than likely be The Batman's lead villain.

That's definitely a surprise but no bad thing, especially as fans have been hoping to see a comic accurate take on the character for years now. Reeves is said to be looking for a male actor of any ethnicity between the ages of 30 and 40.

The casting call describes him as "a criminal mastermind in Gotham City who takes delight in incorporating riddles and puzzles into his schemes, leaving them as clues for the authorities to solve." Sounds good, right? There's more...

The Penguin

There's been talk of The Penguin coming to The Batman for quite some time but this "Gotham City mobster" won't be quite as drastically reinvented as the version we saw in FOX's Gotham.

Apparently, he's a "short, obese man with a long nose, and he uses high-tech umbrellas as weapons." That sounds very comic accurate and Reeves is reportedly looking for another male actor of any ethnicity, this time between the ages of 20 and 40. Who knows if Josh Gad stands a chance!


Another character who has been linked to this movie for a while, it sounds like Selina Kyle is definitely coming to The Batman. Described as a "Gotham City burglar" who "wears a tight one piece outfit and uses a bullwhip for a weapon," Reeves wants an actress of any ethnicity between the ages of 20 and 30.

That may be a generic description just being used for these casting calls but fingers crossed it's accurate because the realistic interpretation of Selina Kyle we got in The Dark Knight Risesdisappointed many fans. Either way, Reeves clearly wants a fairly young star to take on the role here.


Here's another surprise for you.

Despite very much a C-List Batman villain, Firefly will be making his proper big screen debut in this DC Comics adaptation as an apparent secondary villain. Called "a professional arsonist known as the 'Firefly,'" it's said that he "attempts to burn all the places that he lacked the privilege to go as an orphan child."

Reeves is said to be looking for a male actor of any ethnicity between the ages of 20 and 30 so that's yet another pretty wide net. Seeing Batman battle this guy promises to be great fun, though.


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we have seen all those villains already. i need some new villains. my picks:

court of owls
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So I’m legit confuse. Are DC doing both the online series and a movie.

For instance, there’s a Swamp Thing series but isn’t a movie supposed to be coming out of Swamp Thing. Which I believe is canceled now.

Same thing for Pennyworth. I thought this was supposed to be a movie. Now it’s on DC online series?
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I'm assuming it'll be:

Firefly - secondary to show what this Batman can do fight/gadget wise

Catwoman - love interest/foil villain

Penguin - mobster/street element

The Riddler - puzzles/city wide catastrophe element for Batman to use his detective skills.
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Who's running the show before Gunn? atleast we know he cares about these characters and stories.
They said the guy that was running the Conjuring movies got put in charge of DC movies. Before that, 3 guys, one being Geoff Johns. Before that if you want to blame or "credit" it was some guy that got fired.

Before that they went under changes and promoted 2 dudes.
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