Dead Serious Hoodies in DETROIT???

If you find out make sure you let me know.
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I heard Puffer Reds was supposed to get em.
Not 100% sure though.
Give em a try.
Well I just called pretty much every urban store in metro Detroit and only a couple even knew what the hoodie was but no one had it. Puffer Reds was the most knowledgable of the stores.
^^^^ Where they gettin those big sizes at? Please share
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^ Dirty... But I don't think anyone knows where in Detroit will have a S-L because I honestly don't believe that anyone will get stuff that small. I said it in the other tread, but I honestly think you'll be lucky to even find an XL in the area.

You missed the minute they were avalible on Dr. Jays, and Karmaloop will probably be worse... But honestly I believe Workmens and Turntablelab will both put them up and people seem to be sleeping on those sites. Good luck.
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I would call/stop by puffer reds. They say they are for sure getting them "any day now". Just call and ask if they've gotten the new LRG holiday stuff, the owner and workers seem to know what it is since I've talked to most of them about it.

I was there today and they didn't have anything yet, but I would assume by sometime next week. They are normally pretty cool about prices too so I doubt they will try to jerk you ala karmaloop.
WTB: Nike Stab Footpatrol 1 & 2 11.5/12
Holiday production was about 3 weeks behind and is setting back all holiday releases by about that much.
Talked to rep yesterday on this.
They should ship early next week.
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Any of yall hear anything new???
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Just copped mine from Puffer Reds in a XXXL in black. They only got 6 2X-4X and there all gone now. Imma try and flip this one on ebay to hopefully get a red one in Medium. They charged 180 for em.

4Men in Eastland I heard also got their shipment this morning but are charging 300. :smh:

^^^^^ $300!! Oh well looks like i missed out. At least i can look foward to my fire reds next week.
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$300.00!!!! That ain't right. Bad idea to try and sell at resell prices. Just gonna piss people off.
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they got a 3XL and 4XL at 4men in fairlane! but for $250. i was going to cop to trade, but then i saw the price and said forget it and bought some air max pennys (orlando colorway) from footlocker with my discount. one of the employees there was the first one to actually comment on my shoes. suprised he knew what flightposites were and knew that they were 7 years ago

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yeah 4men in eastland got them too, but only the black one and $250. Gino Green is $225(retail) so why would I pay $250 for a LRG hoody thats Retails SUPPOSE to be $150....
TO all the big fellas 2X-4X look around northland I dont know the name of the store but it looks hood, they also carry stacks and bundles!! They are charging $225 which I think is high, cuz I only paid $175 for my red one.

Also check out athletes foot, I think they are selling fake kicks!!!!
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