Dear Drake , henz0 would like his swag back


Joined Feb 27, 2010
ol' eamon looking boy , trynna stunt with the gucci's ...go to 0:51

trynna stunt on some old ....should i do it to them??? type steez....dude obviously mad henz got the rap game in a chock hold

henz0 BEEN had gucci ..................BEEN HAD....BEEN HAD gucci's

poppin dat free hotel champagne
hmmmmmm , poppin champagne and gucci glasses ..hmmmmm

and drizzy , get u da black pair while u at it BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLIN

look at lil man inda back just trynna get a glimpse of the swag

anywhoo ............DRAKE GET UR ON SWAG!!!!!!!! get off nt and get off henz0!!!!!!!!!
Joined Sep 9, 2008
damn, dog.. y'all stay on this dude's pipe. between this and dudes tripping over themselves for shorty with the bert caterpillar eyebrows, NT is falling off.
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