December's Jordan Brand News - Updated December 22nd

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December's already here and with it comes NikeTalk's fifth anniversary. NikeTalk opened to the public on December 10th, 1999. During the past five years, it's been our distinct pleasure to serve as host to the vibrant online sneaker community. Thanks to thousands of members from around the world, our community has become the premiere destination for sneaker news and information. We have no intention of slowing down now.

We here at NikeTalk wish you and yours all the best this holiday season. Whether you're celebrating a holiday this month or not, we have some gifts for you all the same:

=1&stop=20]this thread.[/url] Yeah, you wish you could find shoes like these inside an And 1 box.

They're a little shiny (thanks in part to the flash) and the midsole appears to have a case of crow's feet but overall, when faced with their glamorously embellished counterparts, I think they fare better than, say, Christina Applegate sans makeup:

No, that's not Gary Busey on the left.

Exact release and availability information for these XIIIs haven't yet been disclosed, but you know where to find out when the time comes.

Now let's turn our attention to a few shoes from the late spring lineup.

The following images come from eBay auctions and were posted to NikeTalk by member 'viii v.' We don't front or edit out tags here on NikeTalk - we want to give credit where it's due.

Here are a few clean images of the white/steel grey/black Xs due out May 7th at $125. Purists need not apply.

If you're gonna tamper with a classic Air Jordan, it may as well be the X. Altering the X? That's like punching Owen Wilson's nose. Neither one's getting any more busted.

Like the yellow jumpman on the X? Then you just might like these next two retros, which also feature carefully rationed portions of yellow.

These II lows are due out May 21st for $100.

The XIII lows will cost $130. Now kids will have an entirely new reason to whine about yellowed soles. Call the white/black/yellow version blasphemous if you want, but I think these are actually pretty clean.

For additional pictures of the XIII lows, check out last month's news post.

with the Dub Zero. This pair, White/Ceramic, is due out in August. As mentioned earlier, the price will be $150.

Remember the CEO Jordan commercial from 98? Replace the phrase double mesh with laser engrave it and you probably have a fairly accurate representation of Jordan brand 05.

On that note, here are the East and West regional XXs. Everyone's favorite shade of brownish orange, Chutney, will take center stage on the East regional, while the West regionals are carolina.. err.. 'UCLA' blue. They'll be unleashed upon an unsuspecting public this coming July at $175, yes, one hundred and seventy-five dollars.



Remind me again of the theory behind these lace covers. Theyre supposed to make the shoe look CLEANER, correct?

Hey, it could be worse, right? They couldve been patent leather.


A lot has happened since December of 1999. Air Jordans XV-XIX have been released. Not counting the upcoming X, every Air Jordan from I-XIII has been re-released - in some cases more than once. Michael Jordan came back. The Lakers became a Dynasty in every sense of the word. (Along the way they even shot their own JR..... Rider.) We've seen through two presidential elections. The US has invaded two different countries. The MP3 player of choice changed from the 32 MB Rio to the 20 GB IPod. KG and TD went from Nike to Adidas. VC went from Puma to Nike. KB went from Adidas to Nike. The Grizzlies moved to Memphis and the Hornets moved to New Orleans. The NBA has added a new team and two new divisions.

Through all these changes, we've had one constant: the standard Jordan box. Created to coincide with the Air Jordan XV - the horizontal line theme lifted from the heel of that shoe - this all too familiar box has accompanied every ensuing Jordan shoe from 2000 through 2004, with the exception of the patent I retros and the Air Jordan XVII, XVIII, and XIX mids, and the XVIII lows.

To say the least, the repetition has become almost as grating as a Verizon commercial.

Well, it looks like it's finally time for a change.

As has been posted on NikeTalk, most recently by member SINcereone03, the Black/Carolina Blue 1.5 will be the first shoe to utilize this new box design, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Air Jordan:

Feel free to discuss the new box, and the shoes that come along with it, here.

Had the old box lasted another year or so, it might've gone full circle and accompanied an Air Jordan XV Retro. Hey, they've gotta bring it out sometime... there's nothing else left.

It's not what I'd call innovation, but maybe - just maybe - in another 5 years we'll no longer be wearing shoes with 20 year old technology.

One shoe that definitely will make use of old technology will be the Air Jordan X Retro. We've seen a few images of the white/red/grey retro + model thus far, but eBay's Wreck Shop has provided us with a few more images to inspect:

Is it just me, or do they bear more than a passing resemblance to a circus tent?

For those with strong feelings on this shoe, feel free to vent in this post by 2much3s.

Finally, we have a few official images of the Air Jordan XX and XIII for you.

Word has it that white/grey/blue, originally designated a women's shoe, will release as a MEN'S shoe.

At this point, both XIIIs are listed at $150 and a January 22nd release.

Be sure to talk about the Air Jordan XX pics and the Air Jordan XIII pics in their respective threads, both placed by Air Elijah. The XIII thread also has some pics of the White/Flint Grey/Navy XIIIs due out in March - but for our purposes here I'll assume that you already know what those look like.


That's all we have for you today, but like MJ on the bench: we don't rest for long. With our members constantly adding new pictures and information, you can bet that we'll return with another update soon.

As always, check our Archives for the reruns. If you're looking for something specific, give our search feature a try.

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thanks for the great post!
XX in black/white/red is only colorway of XX im copping :pimp:

GOT ANY?White/Black/Red Xiii's? I need size 10 less than 225

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$150 for Dub Zeros? no thank you...

wow NikeTalks been around for 5 years?
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Quote:[hr][/hr]I suppose the line of thinking here was to reproduce the color coded maps from the 2004 election. The midwest is red, the west coast is blue and, as a result, we here in DC get stuck with ...... something we didn't want.[hr][/hr]
very true :lol:

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I think I might just have to cop all three "Dub-Zero's"... 8)

Today I salute you Mr. Compulsive Signature Checker. While most people are sitting at their computers posting, you are here reading about someone's signature on your computer screen. You read members' sigs that have only posted twice,yet you still loyally view, analyze, laugh, stoneface, and sometimes cry at what these members have to say. So, crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Marauder of the Mousepad and don't wander too far from your computer, because you never know when someone's signature may change...
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^^^ werd, they do look nice and i like the white/red X's too.
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Great post... I'm mostly in the Nike and Sports forums, so posts like these that recap all new info help me out a lot.


BTW, all of those shoes suck.
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nothing but retros for me. I hate the new stuff.

I guess I am getting old. |I

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I like Baby blue and all But why would the West coast XX be baby blue and not the east?
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Wut up Meth. i love these kind of posts. I hope u decide to keep up the info casue they get started but seem to die off. Keep up the work my man.

I said it a long time ago and I'll say it again. Those XXs will be mine by at least 3 weeks in advance. Quote me.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]After all, how could we celebrate Air Jordan history without a tribute to ceramic orange? [hr][/hr]
You said it mate!

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Thanks for the post. I always look forward to the JB News. Simple clear cut post, with all the important stuff. Just in case I missed any info.

again, thank you for going out of your way to compile this.
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Not really feelinf the Dubs, i wonder if they will release em here in The Netherlands?
Great post btw, keep up the good work :smile:
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Liking the sarcastic comments within the descriptions :lol:

Anyway, nothing impresses all.



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What's the point of molding Jordans together for a sneaker ? Isn't that what they doing with the Carmelo series ?
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^ With saying that, I can't front they still look hot.
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indeed they are hot
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