Demi Lovato addicted to drugs?

Joined Jul 18, 2012
These young actors are a disgrace to Hollywood. Going to rehab for a cocaine addiction lol. Jack Nicholson is rolling in his grave.


Joined May 21, 2013
Originally would have said I would save her...then I realized...shes not that attractive... I mean I'd still beat, but I wouldn't Kanye.
Joined Mar 5, 2005
I don't think she's done drugs for a while though. I think this was just her admitting that she did it in the past.
Joined Sep 5, 2013
she actually went to rehab and is all better now, yall need to read the actual articles before making threads.

you got dudes making threads about gucci killing his inmate that was about to rape em and other nonsense.

ashley tisdale and demi were always my favorites.

vanessa hudgens looks like any other mexican chick from socal, and brenda song looks like any other asian chick from socal.

selena gomez looks like a lil boy and miley is ugly.

zac efron is in rehab, i guess its hard to get away with a drug habit when your work relies on your appearance.
Joined Jan 7, 2004
Ashley Tisdale's nose always bothered me. Still attractive regardless.

Wonder how the general public thinks of Demi's appearance thicker and more filled out. Considering the sensitivity of her eating disorder.
Joined Jul 31, 2007
Yeah I saw her on Craig Ferguson talking about when she got out of rehab and I was like :wow: What?! I didn't know anything about that. I really never heard of her until she showed up as a judge on X Factor and caught on to her b-grade you are beautiful no matter what you look like/stop bullying each other MO.

Then I seen something today about how she use to be a cutter (that's the only thing that really seemed to fit). Damn she use to be thin.

Makes sense she another one of those Disney chicks. I'm wondering if they made them and their fam sign NDAs for the sexual child abuse and other mental trauma.
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