Depression from Injury(lumbar spine and pinched nerve)Just needing some forms of encouragement (long

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    Feb 8, 2011
    Sup fambs, I've been struggling with lower back pain for the longest due to bad posture, a bad mattress, and just some poor decisions I've made in my daily routines. I was also overweight (240 at one point) and suffered from a back injury that put me out for about a week when I was younger. I am now 165 lbs however I've recently suffered an injury that put me out of commission. After losing the weight, I've kept an active lifestyle in which I worked out routinely. I played basketball routinely and strived for better health. Recently this back injury reoccurred however its worse this time, I'm currently suffering from a pinched nerve (what the doctor told me I could have right now) which radiates pain in my low back ( but sometimes I don't feel the pain in the low back), I have pains in my hip if I turn a certain way, and my right calf seems to always be cramped or really tight. Its been 2 months now since I've been having these pains and I feel like its starting to affect me mentally. I've visited a chiropractor and got adjusted in the earlier stages of my injury, in the beginning i couldn't even sit in a car without squirming around due to the pains and self diagnosed myself with sciatica and possible herniated disc. After the chiropractor visits I started to feel a tingle in my calf and several days after I felt more of a tightness. The pain in my calf became almost unbearable some days. I tried to do some physical therapy by walking on the treadmill and some hamstring exercises. It seemed to help but some days I have relapses where it's really aches in the morning. I can now sit for a little longer period of time and can jog although I'm pretty conservative about what I do physically now. I finally decided to speak to a doctor about getting an MRI and my date has been pushed back to the 12th of Oct. I'm pretty desperate now and feel like I'm succumbing to depression. I fear gaining back the weight that I lost due to this injury, I fear never being able to live a normal life, I'm quite young and just fear how badly this can affect me and my future. I'm sleep deprived from the pain, I can't sit down to rest due to the pain, food becomes bland because pain is constantly on my mind. I've read some things on the internet that seems to make me feel worse about other peoples injuries, people that can't even function so there is a little ray of hope since I can jog and walk fine without pains. I am hoping that once I get the MRI I finally get a thorough diagnosis and some things I can do to relieve pain and work my way towards recovery.

    I apologize for the long read, but hearing about others recovery stories or hearing any forms of encouragement helps me greatly. I try to be hopeful of a recovery because I read a pinched nerve usually relieves itself after 6 months and its only been 2 months and several days since feeling this way, although its tough to say whether I was better today than i was yesterday. Any help, info, encouragement, or suggestions would be appreciated and thanks NT.
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