Derrick Rose Adidas Ankle Braces

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Sorry if already posted, searched through the forums and couldn't find any information. Does anyone know if these are going to release? I'm talkingabout that ones that he wore in the first round against the Celtics. Thanks for your help.
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this was posted a while back..they are called adidas speed braces and they are made exclusively for NBA players. last i heard there were no intentions ofreleasing them.
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Originally Posted by mt3130

this was posted a while back..they are called adidas speed braces and they are made exclusively for NBA players. last i heard there were no intentions of releasing them.
never heard of em good info...just a reg ankle brace with a AJ XX like strap with the adidas logo?or they diff?
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They were actually called Speedwrap, they were suppose to be much versatile than other ankle braces allowing the user to jump and run with more comfort andease(compared with other anke braces) and at the same time protecting the ankle. Craig Smith of the Minnesota Timberwolves also wore these during the regularseason.

Craig Smith's left ankle.
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those look pretty nice...wonder how well they work...seems like it would allow more movement but maybe too much and not enough support.
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That first picture had me laughing, Pierce's expression and Rose lookin like he's staring at the camera man.

I thought Rose wore the Lightning Creators for most of that series too.
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The Adidas Braces hit retail in September, from what i was told by an Adidas basketball rep. He also stated that the demand was so high from teams that theprototypes flew out already from the headquarters. Derrick Rose hates getting his ankles taped, and doesn't want to wear anything other than those braces.I can't wait to get a pair, I have weak ankles.
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Originally Posted by KrisC

are these better than ASO?
I don't know as I never wore any of ASO. But the ones by Adidas will be the lightest braces on the market, with an incredibly high protectionrating. The schools will have their own color ways as well.


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My friend has them from college. There pretty light but i think mcdavids are better
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I hope yall aint hopin these gona make you ball like my dude D.Rose LOL
Just playing but for real......Rose is a beast and hopefully Wade to JB means its 1 step closer to him coming home!!!!!
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^ Seconded. Ain't no way Wade stays in Miami, especially now that he didn't get his boy Odom in Florida. My money is on him moving to Chicago. Then heand Rose can work on stacking some chips.

Any official site for these ankle braces, btw?
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