Sep 25, 2002
This is the second DRC * sounds good!? hahah* and as some of us has discussed. we will be designing a shoe for this year's NBA rookies. Since the guide lines have been broken down so much, atleast try to stay within' the contract that the player you choose to do is signed with * an unsigned player with reebok, Yao Ming with his shox* etc etc... Since there is no actualy " deadline, let's try to make it for Jan the 3rd, this Friday, so we will have something to check soon. if there's any discression, jus holla, and we'll figure it out.

shoe: contract of player of choice
player: NBA 2002/2003 rookie
due date: Jan 3rd


i'm working on somethin already but...i'm really just upping this

maybe we can get a sticky?

I NEED WHEAT DUNK HIGH in 12/11.5...if you have ANY OTHER DUNKS in a sz 12 lemme know too...i'm addicted
Yep. Got mine started. Can't wait to see everyone's joints as usual.... Hopefully Jaywhyes, AP, Znth, archeever, hyperflight and all the other greats (you too this time shuguru^^) show this time.
ill try to participate in this one. Ive got somethin. Its gonna be only my second coloring job. so dont expect much. but its something totally different FOR ME. a lil hint... ultraflight 2................ hope ya'll excited! just playin. ill prolly flop. haha
Im like Hyperflight, dont expect much from me. This is only one of my first ones, but hopefully it will turn out good. Good luck!
Alright, I'm gonna be the first to throw somethin out there. I did not do a rookie,(at least not yet) but I think you guys will get over it. More to come....

Ladies and gentlemen, the first shoe with possibly more hype than the man intended to sport it! Lebron James being the only one worthy enough to support it's style. The Clandestine is a high tech package with a lightweight and responsive construction. The rebirth of the hurache sockliner and conception of the first fully-encased mini-shox footbed in the forefoot for that extra spring. Alluminate outriggers for ultimate lateral support....the list goes on. Happy New Years NT!!!
news, finally i gotta lotta new stuff up on the comp. so ill get it up asap. i sent my HF2 to archeever so he'll get it in the rollcall asap. thanks peace
This is not mine

Its From hyperflight7:


Sorry hf7, if i didnt get it up in time. But I must say, I love your design. You're good with those markers.
Hyperflight, I like the kicks, but they kinda resemble the......oh yeah, first hyperflights. Nice rendering!

Metaphysical: I guess I am DQ'd. I did not "follow the rules". Everyones else can, I just don't feel the rookies enough to design a shoe for them....
thanks arch, the picture i took isnt very good. but yah the specs are: transludent ultra technology... full length ZM air sockliner... patent leather upper... and support wing on the lateral and medial side(note shown) for support.


remeber its my first coloring job and the pic is bad, and my white colored pencil wasnt very white. so it makes the light spots look bad.... and vocal its the FOLLOW-UP ultraflight! and i didnt use any comp. programs. all hand done
Hyper, I understood that it was the sequel to the Hyperflight (oops, Ultraflight. My bad). It is well drawn. I think your rendering skills were totally on point (100x better than mine at your age). It was a bit too much like the OG IMO. So the toe etc. is patent leather??? Will that flex appropriately? I personally found the XI toe too stiff for ballin (and am the only one).....
Cobec is the material used on the Hyperflights and the Zoom Flight Turbines. I doubt many people know that Cobec material was used on the Hyperflights and Turbines. Many people assume its patent leather. In some ways you prove my point, cuz you didnt know what Cobec was. So most likely, it was by accident. I doubt many of us NT designers know all the materials out there. Also can we ease the tensions in this post. I feel it has gotten quite tense.
yah vocal, um... since it wont ever be made and im only 17 and a junior in highschool, im sure its gonna be forgot soon so. patent leather, or cobec. i do know what cobec is it was used in the air max Q. and it was an accident i just wanted to say something. sorry. if i was wrong. and i know it looks the the OG but its supposed to cuz it is the follow up, but look at the OG and mine. and compare they arent THAT similar. besides tha fact theyre both ultraflights. i mean look at the hyperflight 1 and 2. those are similar.
but no hate vocal. much love to a fella designer
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