Did anyone see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif?

Joined Jun 12, 2002
It was a really good movie! and I was in awe when I saw Rosario, she was beautiful in this movie. These pics dont do her justice
Joined Jun 12, 2002
you should see it, its one of the better movies I've seen this year. Most of the movies I've seen sucked so bad
Joined Dec 18, 2008
Rosario is

But honestly this movie didn't look interesting to me right off the bat, seems like it's aimed more towards the kids especially with the PG rating.
Joined Sep 8, 2009
Saw this the other day its an alright movie it wouldn't be to disappointing if i payed to see it. It would probably be more interesting if i was into Greek mythology.
Joined Oct 7, 2007
It was too childish to me. But god have mercy...if i had rosario in a room to myself I'd be convicted of murder after I'm done wit her.


Joined Jul 6, 2002
I saw it with my friend. I swear we were the only ones that were 20+ yrs old that didn't come with kids.

It was entertaining for a ~2 hr movie.
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