Did B take Aaliyahs spotlight? vol. Jay vs. Biggie of R&B

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How? When?

When Aaliyah was popular Beyonce was in Destiny's Child which wasn't big at the time or at their peak.

After a person dies how can the spotlight still be on them?


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SMH at this comparison. Aaliyah's main appeal was that she would drop a great track or album then she would go away for awhile. B always wanted to be in the spotlight all the time.
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ummm %!% are you guys talkin bout?

her last album at her death was about to blow up.
she did a major movie (queen of the damned)
she was in BOTH the matrix reloaded and revolutions (her character was Zee)

especially with the way the music world changed after sept 11 (she died aug 25th 2001), she probally would have had a timbaland produced american anthem style track and would have blow up into space.
she was dating dame dash and was at everything like beyonce was when she was just dating Jay, which was bout to expose her to: just blaze, 9th wonder, the neptunes... the list goes on.

she was really about to blow... cause she could sing just as good as beyonce. B can sing better, but aaliyah didnt win star search cause she sucked.

so to keep it funky... if Aaliyah didnt die... RnB would be way way different cause we would have had ciara and all the singers just like her trying to drop in 02 instead of 07
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