Did the law restricting distance in strip clubs get passed?

Feb 5, 2003
let me know i'll be up in seattle around my b-day so i wanna know if its worth it for my girlfriend and i to go
nope, saw ray allen the other night at ricks :pimp:

looked like he was havin a good time for bein injured :lol:
what is Ricks? and which is the best club to go to?

Rick's is Seattle's premier strip club. Ok maybe not premier. but word on the streets is they do more than dance
wheres Ricks located? i only been to the Vu, the one thats like across the street didnt look very nice from the outside, i dont know the name
Ricks is where its at. the vu (lake city) has gone down hill real fast, unless you like your women black and cracked out :x
I've never been to Rick's but from what I hear it is pretty much the sleaziest place ever. You can drive by that joint at 3 in the afternoon on a Wednesday and the lot is PACKED. I remember back in the day guys from my high school ran into the assistant principal there.
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