Did the Tiffs start the hype?


Mar 30, 2006
Of course there has been hype forever, but in the past years dudes been going the extra mile to secure kicks. Camping out a week in advance for a shoe is now a staple, and it does not look like it's going to stop.

I remember when the Diamond Dunks released and someone had the nerve to post them in the Jordan Forum. The title asked "Will these makes you like dunks now" or something to that effect. That post went about a good 30 pages. And in Nike Retro there were two posts that eclipsed 100 pages. Dirty had to lock up one because it was getting out of hand, and it was still a ways off from the release. Before then, there had not been a shoe (non jordan) that caused so much hype. Not to my recollection.

Stores were constantly being called about that aqua shoe with the silver swoosh and the crocodile print. It was a beauty. Afterwards, the game had changed. Dunks were actually being sought after, hard, like Jordans. People started to pose as skateboarders when they've never kicked or pushed in their lives and camp out in front of stores because it wasn't the exception, it was the rule.

Do you think tiffs started the hype?
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i personally think it was the dr. doom dunk sb's. those were fiyahhh.
i wouldn;t say the tiffs "started" the hype.... i would say it peaked it. everything from that point is downhill.... it's just like music. for years, a certain artist is popular with a niche audience. then they hit it big with a single. everyone that wouldn;t normally listen starts listening...the product becomes watered down and everything goes downhill from that point on.
...it is what it is.
Yeah, like dude above said, it peaked it, there was hype before, shoes would sell out instantly, but the whole demand for shoes didnt escalate until that release in my honest opinion.
Tiffany was the peak. But you can't blame people when retros are generic team colorways on jordan models.

Hype and the freny is and will always be around, however I think it has slowed all together because of S H & T releases.
It is harsh !
The espos is what really changed the sneaker hype releases if you ask me back in January 2004
There was a lot of hype on the UNKLEs
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It depends on how you measure hype. If your measuring by the amount of people standing outside of shops waiting, then believe it or not, but I have talked to dozens of shop owners and almost every single one said the MF Dooms caused the most hype. Small time shops in the middle of nowhere had lines for them, shops that have never had a line for any other shoe had lines for the Dooms. Now Im not trying to downplay the significance of the Tiffany release, but you have to remember the Black Laser 4's were released that same exact day too, so alot of people were out there for those too. Now if you want to measure it on pure market value, of course the hyperstrike type dunks will always win (Supremes, What The, Pigeons, etc.) If your talking just general releases, then it would be the Unkles, the week after the release of the Unkles they sold for $300-$380 all day long, the Tiffany's were $220-$260 during the same period, and the MF Dooms were $200-$270.

All depends on how you measure hype.
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Actually, when MJ rocked the AJ 1 in Black/Red that started the sneaker hype. There were tons of SBs before the Diamonds, but majority of the kids didnt even know a dunk was back then.
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IMO, it all started with the release of the Bathing Ape Skates (collabo with Adidas).

if we're talking dunks, other than the 1st series masterpieces (ie- Zoo Yorks and Chocolates)....i'd have to say the bison red toes, futura, and takashi set...
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I can see some of you guys on the Espos, but to say the recently released Dooms took everything to another level is absurd. Consider all of the shoes before the Dooms that sold out after the hype a certain shoe caused for the hobby: Hawaiis, Avengers, Send Helps, Pusheads, SBTGs, (I'm drawing blanks :lol:
) Taxi Cab joints, Day of the Deads, De La Souls, Melvins, C&Ks, THREE BEARS!!!, Dinos, Lunars, Mork & Mindys, Brian Andersons, High Hairs, and the list goes on. A good percentage of these shoes would not have sold out if it were not for the SB Hype.

SBs were slept on up until Tiffs, IMHO. Yes the Espos were a very important shoe, but not for Nike SB. The tiffs brought together Jordan and Dunk fan alike. And it hasn't been the same since. :smh:

Hopefully the climate changes soon because it's really getting ridiculous. Go basketweave or something. :\
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tiffs started the hype for SBs, as far as maybe hype for sneakers, would definitely be jordans or maybe even some other joints. mf dooms could possibly be the most hyped but definitely didn't start it.
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iono why so many people are saying dooms, i would also have to say tiffs peaked it.
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i personally think it was the dr. doom dunk sb's. those were fiyahhh.
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naw i dont think it was the tiffs i think it was the whole ice cream movement really... i think the tiff became big becuz they whea nikes and the colorway is sick...

all and all tiffs didnt start the hype but it was the SB peak
not being a hypebeast is becoming the new hype
Dunk hype started with supreme lows in 02 and steadily was on the rise. dunk hype peaked with tiffanys, i was long over dunks by the time these dropped. outrageous lines where you had to be there the night before started when the first round of laser air force ones dropped, the ones that were limited to 200. i usually showed up for a line at like 7am and had a nice spot with maybe 30 heads in front of me, with the laser AF1, when i showed up at nort at 6am, there were 170 people in front of me. right after that, the espos was a wait from the night before and it was a mob scene with no order at all. ever since then, any shoe with any hype attached to it has been something you had to be there the night before to get. last shoe i waited on line for was supreme highs, just because it was easy money for wasting a morning waiting in line.. i don't bother waiting in lines for kicks now because its ridiculous and my time is worth more than that. besides that, i don't want to be affiliated with or linked to these sneakernerds of nowadays. when i got on NT in 02, there was like 15000 members, now its 65000. i'm waiting for your guys to jump on the next bandwagon so i could go back to what i've been doing without looking like a fool..

to give you idea of the "long lines" due to "hype". heres a pic of me on line waiting for supreme lows. this was considered a long line in 02.. ever since these days, lines grew longer and longer for every shoe released..

The Polo Don is on point..

Before the Espos.. if u knew what was up on NT.. u could roll though a few hours before a store opened and get any shoe that came out..

Espos changed the game with overnight camping... and even if u do that.. u still might not get your pair... that combined with my old age had lead me to say forget it. It will never be the same for me.
Great post Polo Don.

SBs were slept on up until Tiffs, IMHO.
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