Difference between molded and detatchable cleats?

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besides the obvious difference, is there any real difference between molded and detatchable cleats? The detatchable versions of cleats always cost a lil bit more. Do they provide better traction than molded cleats? thanx in advance
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YES! A big difference! When a detach cleat wears down you can change them out. When a molded one wears down (takes longer) the shoe is toast. Get some detach cleats (replacement packs of cleats cost like $5) so you can have them and they will last a whole season. I live in Washington so it rained quite a bit so I loved being able to put in new cleats whenever needed. Just an FYI they are making cleats with metal tips (may be illegal in HS) so that gives you even more durability. IMO detachable cleats are for HS/College/NFL, molded cleats are for the young ones. Hope that helps.
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^ I completely agree with everything he just said. If you play HS football detachable cleats are a must.
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