Dirk's Female Friend Arrested @ His Dallas Home


trelvis tha thrilla

This is kind of a wild story so far...


Female friend arrested at Dirk Nowitzki's home[/h2][h5][size=-1]06:17 PM CDT on Wednesday, May 6, 2009[/size][/h5][size=-1]By REBECCA LOPEZ / WFAA-TV[/size]
DALLAS - A female friend was arrested Wednesday morning at Dallas Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki's Preston Hollow home inDallas.

Authorities said Cristal Taylor, 37, was arrested by a task force of Dallas police officers and Dallas County sheriff deputies atNowitzki's home on two felony warrants.

The arrest came after Dallas members of a FBI task force were tipped off that Taylor was at the address of Nowitzki'shome.

Taylor was wanted for one warrant out of St. Charles County in Missouri and one out of Jefferson County in Texas. Authoritiessaid the Missouri warrant was for a probation violation; the Texas warrant was for a theft of service.

The initial crime in Missouri was two counts of forgery, sources said.

Taylor was booked at the Lew Sterrett Justice Center.

It is unclear if Nowitzki was home at the time of the arrest.
[h2]Woman Connected To Nowitzki Arrested For Fraud[/h2]By JD Miles and Jack Fink
DALLAS (CBS 11 News) ―

A woman who police say is connected to Dallas Mavericks' star Dirk Nowitzki has been arrested on fraud charges at his Preston Hollow home.

Dallas police officers arrested 37-year-old Cristal Taylor Wednesday morning at Nowitzki's house on a fraud warrant. She remained in the Dallas County jailWednesday afternoon.

The Dallas Mavericks and Nowitzki have declined a comment, but sources say Nowitzki will address the situation Thursday at the team's practice.

Sources tell CBS 11 News that a private investigator hired by Nowitzki told police that Nowitzki and Taylor have some sort of relationship, but the nature ofthat relationship is unclear. Nowitzki hired the private investigator to check into her background, sources say, and the investigator found that she was usingan alias.

Kim Leach, a spokeswoman for the Dallas County Sheriff's Office, tells CBS 11 News that Taylor has at least eight aliases: Chrystal Ann Taylor, Crystal AnnTaylor, Debra Johnson, Shana Mancini, Krista Santiago, Crystal Ann Santiago, Cristal Westerhaus and Crista A. Westerhays.

Dallas Sheriff's office records show Taylor has an outstanding warrant for theft of service from the Beaumont area and one for a probation violation fromSt. Charles County, Missouri.

Sources say the FBI is also involved in this case.

The incident comes at a critical time for Nowitzki and the Mavericks, who are down 2-0 in their second-round playoff series with the Denver Nuggets.

Stay with CBS 11 News online and on television for more on this developing story.


What is Dirk doing with that chick? She is not attractive at all. He could have his pick of women in Dallas and chooses a 37 year old felon??

Words that I am hearing are this

- This is Dirks fiance
- Members of the team thought something was fishy and were the ones that suggested he look into a private eye
- Apparently the private eye was hire for some prenup purposes.


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Might as well be messing with Joba Chamberlain's mom.

You know she wears the pants in that relationship.

trelvis tha thrilla

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i thought 'female friend' meant prostitue
The official relationship hasn't been reported yet, but I work in the media in Dallas and heard that this is his fiance. Cant confirm itthough.
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my man dirk stay taking Ls

i would expect a cute european snow bunny but this?

at that wording. But yeah that's what I always pictured too.

Scrolled down and
at that broad. Had to scroll up again and recheck the picbut sad to see she was still there. And looked the same.
for thatEuropean pimp look doin big things. It must only work if your in Europe.
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