Disney Pixar's UP Appreciation Thread. DOPE Movie.

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This movie was comedy, innocent fun and jokes that can make everyone of all ages laugh, or atleast chuckle if you too hard listening to Gucci Mane all day(
). Also it was pretty sad in some parts, they really made you connectto the character (the old man) which was unexpected in these types of movies. One of the best movies IMO to come out this year so far, and one of my favoriteDisney movies ever.


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3D was alright, its $15 for 3D and thats what I saw. It wasnt anything special honestly just check it out in regular.
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sequence in the beginning is a tearjerker...movie also handles some pretty mature themes. really entertaining though, i loved it.
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Just saw it a few hours ago with my girl, it was a great movie.

It was funny and also sad, not to mention that it was my first movie in 3D and overall, I think it was one of the best Pixar movies I've seen because ofhow different it was to the rest.
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Movie was
. Definitely sad at times, but a lot of Disney flicks are. Ikept thinking about Durant and Westbrook when I found out the asian kid's name was Russell and the chicken thing was named Kevin
. Not to mention the old guy looks exactly like Joe Pa. I need a screenshot ofthe fat kid throwing up a W like Chappelle in the "Keeping it Real Goes Wrong" sketch
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Originally Posted by bns1201

It was sad but Wall E still reigns supreme
Wall-E was such a sweet movie...it's my favorite Pixar movie.

Anyway, I really want to see this movie.
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Originally Posted by 10 Piece Nuggets

Also it was pretty sad in some parts, they really made you connect to the character (the old man) which was unexpected in these types of movies.

What do you mean? These movies always have some depressing emotional scenes in them.
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Spoiler [+]
Well def. showing his childhood and his life with his wife really made you kinda feel how sad he was trying to live out their dream of adventure. Then all the scenes with him crossing his heart, makes you really feel for him. DisneyPixar did a good job connecting you to him, oh and not to mention the My First Adventure book. Also the relationship he built with Russell considering Russell's own family situation made it even better at the ending. I actually stayed for part of the credits just to see the pictures.
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