Disney. vol. happiest place on earth?


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So my girl is dying to go, as she has never been. Having the deprived childhood that I had, ive never been either. How is Disney for adults in terms of thrill rides? Were both into coaster and waterpark rides more so than "experience" attractions. How does Disney compare to a Cedar Point, in this arena?
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If you're more into Six Flags type parks, you're gonna be disappointed. It's nothing but "experience" attractions with few rides like Space Mountain that are the token "thrill" rides.
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the experience is top notch . some things to do
world of color brilliant water and lights show
aladdin play its like 45-1hr but its a live action quick version of the movie its really good
talk to crush(the turtle from finding nemo) at the animation studio
fantasmic show super clean show with characters and props
do the muppet show thing its really good
star wars 3d ride
make sure u eat breakfast at goofys kitchen
man honestly theres to much to list it took my kids last year and man best experience of my life. i went when i was like 10 but dont really remember having as much fun as i had last year plan on taking my fam during Halloween
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If you're more into Six Flags type parks, you're gonna be disappointed. It's nothing but "experience" attractions with few rides like Space Mountain that are the token "thrill" rides.

yeah this is true but the experience rides and attractions are GREAT.
while u in la hit up magic mountain as well i go every month just got back from last week they added another ride called full throttle i swear its the ****.
all the thrill rides u could want................. tatsu, x2, viper, GOLIATH, lex luthor drop of doom, superman escape from krypton, batman ride, the riddler,green latern, man its so many THRILL rides there
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I have season passes and have a great time every time I go. There's literally so much to do/see/find that the place never gets old. If you're a Disney/Pixar fan you have to go to Disneyland at least once in your life.

I recommend staying at the Paradise Pier hotel and get a high storied room. When California Adventure has their World of Colors show you can see it all from your room and won't have to deal with crowds/waiting (that and they have unlimited free wine/beers for an hour later in the day lol).

And no, it's not "creepy" to enjoy Disneyland if you don't have a kid lol. My three year old daughter has been there more than I can count on two hands and we both have a great time.

Edit: I forgot to mention to try and go on either a Tuesday or Wednesday due to lines being INSANE on weekends. Also, if you go on a certain day in November (I think it's the 5th?) you'll get Halloween themed Disney Land and the next day the entire park is Christmas themed (pretty cool for the little ones).
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If you haven't gone, it's a good experience just to go and see how it is. **** is expensive though, $92 for one park and $187 for hopper. What I did was post a ad on Craigslist looking for park hopper tickets for cheap and scored an employee to got me tickets for $90.


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All good info. Thanks! I was having my doubts, but everyone I talk to loves it. And nope, no kids Meangene45
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its awesome for me, since i hate roller coasters and heights :lol: :lol:

really wish moms would have let me get on that ride knotts when i was 9 with my cousins :smh: :smh:

maybe i wouldnt have that fear
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This one time I went to Disneyland with my cousin and his children, wife. My cousin was a hardened individual. He didn't have the most loving upbringing and definitely never went to Disneyland as a kid. He was the type of guy who never admitted to liking anything even if it was obvious he liked it. So during our day there we all had a good time and afterward at a Denny's he actually raved about his experience at Disneyland. He said he had a better time than his kids (and they were riding a major high themselves). It almost brought tears to my eyes but the Grand Slam breakfast overrode the feeling.

You should definitely go if nothing else than to please your wife. Disneyland makes everyone who walks through its gates a child.
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Going this weekend with my girl and son, smooth 78 degrees in Anaheim. Can't wait, Waay too hot in Sac.

But take your girl there, especially since you haven't gone. The "experience" is a great one.
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I like Knotts and Six flags more. The rides are more fun. The rides at Disney seem to childish. 
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Go watch the fireworks. Worth the whole ticket.

Land has a poverty castle.

And like dude said its just an experience. Dont expect thrill rides.
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It's definitely a great experience but like someone said, if you're into thrill rides, go to Universal. If you wanna go b/c it's Disney World, u won't be disappointed. It's surreal as soon as u walk on Main St. in Magic Kingdom w/ the old classic vibe. Parades are nice, especially the electric parade at night. They have a new thing where they display images on Cinderella's castle before the fireworks, pure dopeness. Want to go again since we only went for a day to one park but my daughter wants to go on a cruise for her next bday so we're going to do the Disney Cruise.

All in all, I say, go.
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disneyland is dope as f and brings back a lot of memories. once you go through those gates cant help but get those nostalgic feelings. i love disneyland.

space mountain about 10 times plz :smokin
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