Disney's First African American Princess...


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White features, white hair, white princess.
With that logic you could say Beyonce, Tyra Banks, or any number of black female celebrities are white.

if they wear weave, like the two you listed, they are subscribing to that as well. Not to mention their figure IS NOT WHITE.
So if a black girl didn't have the figure you associate with "black" that makes her more white?

Makes no sense....BTW how can someone help the fact that they don't have a certain figure?

She need a different colored weave, gap toothed smile, tattoos, and can sing, a Disney Keyshia Cole
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Clearly, it can be surmised that the movie will revolve around both the prince and princess trying to find a way out of their amphibian predicament. Butreally, will that honestly change the fact that princess Tiana is an African American princess--even when she is a frog...

Lil children will still see her as a black princess and that's what's ultimately piff about the movie...

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