DMP vii's at finishline for 149.99 SOLD OUT

Joined Apr 15, 2009
Did anyone get a pair of the dmp vii's at finishline for 149.99??  There sold out now.  Just seeing if anyone picked a pair up at that price.
Joined Dec 27, 2008
this is the second time today someone made a post and then they made a second thread on the same subject. what the hell is going on??
Joined Sep 21, 2006
Im sure there is a few stores out there that still have some pairs.....

Ill have to find them.

Thanks for the info.
Joined May 16, 2009
Some of y'all need to lighten up, it ain't that serious. But yeah OP, you should change the other title to "Delete". I'll only buy this pack once I can find one for less than 90.
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