DMP XI sizing? Did they ever ran half sz big for anyone?

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I thought they fit a bit smaller than my 2000 concords, jams and my 2001 breds and columbias. I have a 13 in jams and columbias and a 12.5 in breds and concords. to my the dmp fit inbetween the 12.5 and a 13. Theyre like a 12.75 for me lol
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Originally Posted by moelest

they're true to size pal

True.  The XI's were always true to size for me, few others models i go up .5 but XI was spot on.
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for me, i have a 9 and they fit sort of like an 8.5... but a bit bigger haha.. id go with the .75 comment up there^^ haha
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